Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pastel Re-creation

I tried to re-create a super pretty look done by this blogger here. It was HARD! Hard because I've never tried this colour placement and I'm used to packing colours on but this look was more soft and blendy. I'm not good at blendy :(

 I really liked the pink with the white/cream coloured lid shade and I had to try it.

 I used Detrivore over UDPP
Lid and browbone: White Chapel
Crease: Switchblade
Purple on outer corner: Saprophyte
Pink below crease: Sexualis
cheapo black pencil liner
The picture differences was me using 2 different cameras to try to show the colours better but not having much luck. It looked better in real life but nowhere near as kickass as the original. Seriously, did she do awesome or what!? I love it! I will definitely do this look again.


  1. really pretty!!

  2. Gorgeous and I love the idea of a white-ish lid with a dual-colored crease!

  3. I really like this, I have a few pink eye shadows but I reckon I end up putting too much pink on, look like I've been crying, then have to wash it off...blendy be the way the pinky eye shadow, young jedi.

  4. wow what a beautiful spring look! you did a wonderful job!

  5. I like the shimmer that yours has! When taking inspiration from another person's look, don't get too caught up in comparing yourself to them. Just admire the finished product for what it turns out to be.

  6. I think you are good at blending. Your blending looks flawless to me!

  7. I think you did a great job! Now I can't wait till my skin gets better so I can try this look too :) I don't own any of those shades but have some alternatives in mind already.