Sunday, October 10, 2010

False Lashes Madame Madeline

Hullo ladies and germs.

I was in Walmart yesterday to check out their Halloween goodies, and I'm not talking candy.

I found 2 displays of ass kicking lashes. Even though I don't wear them every day, usually just holidays or if I go out partay-ing it up and feel the need to be extra flashy. You know, cuz hot pink shadow just isn't enough sometimes.

I ended up with doubles of 3 pairs because they seemed reasonably priced. They were all under $4 (Some were $3.77 but can't remember which, receipt is gonners).

They also had these uber fantastic Spyder Woman lashes, as well as Pixie Dust and some other super sweet glittttah pair but and a cool pair that was black with a bit of white in the tips but Walmart wanted a hefty ass $9 somethingorother. I'm not paying ten frikkin dollars yo!


And then I saw this photo.


So I googled my lil heart out and found Madame Madeline. They had the fancy schmancy ones minus the white tipped ones but that's okay, cuz I totally bought 3 other pairs of something else instead.

Best of all? $5.35! That's it! After buying doubles of the 3 I originally wanted plus 4 others (which were even less than $4), shipping to Canada was only $5. In the end with shipping they come to under $5 a pair. Mucho better than Walmart.

Yay for online shopping!

I'll let you know when they actually get here though and if I get what I ordered etc. But for $-wise, it's pretty damn sweet.

Here are the ones I bought yesterday though. The ones on the bottom are white with holo glitter lightly dusted on top <3<3<3!


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  2. Those Spyder lashes are ridiculous! I've been wanting some fake eyelashes but I really want to try the separate ones first, I think I just found which ones I am gonna try!

  3. They have some seriously awesome lashes! The Cleopatra ones on there are awesome! Can't wait to see them on!

  4. are you going to wear them? i want to see a picture! i saw them a while ago and fell in love as well. as for buying them, i think i will some day! would love to see them on you!

  5. Yeah, I want photos too! I want to know how to put the bottom fakies on.

  6. Yay I love lashes! I need to start wearing some again.

  7. lmao, When I do wear them I will take uber pictures. From like every angle. Wait till you see the ones I actually picked up! Gahhhh lash heaven.
    It would be hilarious to go to work in the Spyder ones.
    Playing with the white ones from walmart, it feels like shaved wood. EXCELLENT for destroying my corneas eh?? :D
    I've never put lower lashes on so this could go very wrong. Or I'll save them as uppers.