Monday, October 11, 2010

Oberon's Grace V2.0

Why mr camera do you decide to ignore awesome details? Huh? There should be loads of green looking back at moi but nooooo, you decide to be an ass. Growly-pants.

I did something similar to this look last year but it was before I knew what a macro setting was on my camera.

Oberon is one of my favourite Aromaleigh shades. It's like MAC Gorgeous Gold's prettier twin sister. I should have swatched to show you, but I'm tellin' ya, it rocks. It was from the Midsummer Night's Dream collection and the first collection I bought 1 of everything as soon as I could because I didn't want a single one to escape me and I'm glad I did. It sucks I didn't know about AL sooner to have snagged the 2 missing ones that couldn't go in the Vault Sale. This collection turned out to be my favourite. It has the most shades I've bought backups of. I can't recall which ones for sure but I know Oberon, Elfin, Helena, Grace and Fairy have been doubled up. The collection doesn't have sparkles in it, just a really fine creamy smooth texture and many of the shades have a funky iridescence that stands out when the light hits them.

Oberon rocks because A) It's GOLD, B)It has that funktastic green iridescence and that's an automatic win. There was a shade in the Valentines collection that had a similar green sheen to it but I wasn't able to snag it before international shipping stopped and then it sold oooooot :(

Here's what I used:

Lid: Oberon
Crease: Grace
Browbone: Maiden
Lower lashline: Fairy
Upper liner: MSCHIC Astral Shine gel liner

It's hard to tell I put anything on the lower lashline but I promise, 'TWAS THURRR I SWUUUUUR. I tried to smoke it out a bit and ended up rubbing oodles of it off.

Also! Does anybody have colour descriptions for Aromaleigh collections they can send mah way? Even the Midsummer ones? I'm crap at trying to describe stuff on my own.


  1. Preeeeeetty colorrrr...
    P.S. You describe the color just fine. Really, it is gold with that deceptive green thrown in like a mirage.

  2. i think i am in love with oberon. i need him.


    This the Facebook group set up by Robyn & I think there are descriptions there.

  4. Very pretty! I wish I'd known of Aromaleigh when that collection was released, it sounds fabulous. :)

  5. Oberon is so unusual and pretty!

  6. Oberon is an awesome shade ! I have it too , i like it very much , but use it not very often ....tss... shame on me !

  7. GOOOOOOOOOOLD. It really does look like a non-fail version of Gorgeous Gold :D so purrty

  8. Very beautiful ...i love golden shade and you can say that I'm kind of crazy about golden shade..lovely...suits you well!
    Great blog!!!!

  9. Feel free to gank any color descriptions from my site. I don't have all the Aromaleigh collections, but I have written up descriptions for the stuff that was in the vault sale.

  10. Hey Suki X! You make it sound even awesome-er! :D

    lol Elizabeth, Oberon will me a mega ho cuz I`m sure everyboddeh needs him :D

    Thanks Marcey! I completely forgot to check there first!

    Thank you Femputer! If you ever see any up for swaps GO FOR IT!

    Hi Phyrra! It`s uber dreamy. I was in the car and the sun hit it and I totally had to check out the mirror in the visor to check out it`s awesomeness in full blast lol

    Hi Luna! I`m the same way, I would feel very sad finishing this jar!

    Hiya Silhouette! I wish I had a sample of it to toss ur way. You`d ROCK THAT SHIT! :D

    Thank you Rakhshanda!! :)

    Thanks LiAnn! :)