Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aliens Shmaliens

Just kidding, aliens are nifters. Reminds me of X-Files. Man I miss that show.

Today I used my Meow Cosmetics Alien Encounters samples. I'm trying to figure out which shades I want jars of with the 20% off sale that expires TONIGHT. :s

I tried to use a wet brush but I'm friggin messy so I went over the yellow with dry stuff to make it less suck.

I used:

Inner half: Abduction
Outer half: Contact
Crease: SETI
Browbone: Probe (teehee)
Lower lashline: Implant
More lower lashline as close to lashes as possible to darken: Deranged (Shattered Equinox)
Liner: Joe Fresh turquoise felt liner

My lining skill blow when my eye looks down. Well crap.

Picture not shopped, it was the "portrait" setting on my camera that kicks uber ass.

And for some shiny. My mister bought me my Christmas present early because I loved these so damn much and the store might not have had them by Christmas time


Man I loves me shinys. The rose has a crystal smack dab in the middle and there are teeny ones all around it in the petals. And it's super cool that I can re-stack them on 2 different fingers. My right ring finger and left middle finger are the same size. A.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Anybody buying some Meow with the sale? Code is alienkitty fyi


  1. I love this look. Pretty. I like the rose ring.:)

  2. Love the look. And those rings are amazing! I love shiny things, too. I'm a total magpie- anything sparkly makes me happy.

  3. Nommm I love the look of Contact against the teal liner :)

  4. Very nice combo , i also want to try this :D . Love your Swarovski-rings , damn these are so pretty ! I'm also a swarovski-geek ... lol

  5. Beautiful look and I love the rings! Sweet!

  6. Love the look! The liner is kick ass!

  7. I love the way Abduction looks on you, it's lovely.

  8. @Leira Yann Thank you!! The rose is my favourite one too! So sparkly!

    @dull_flame me too! My dad calls me that cuz I'm always looking for shiny stuff lol

    Thanks ladyinatophat and Silhouette!!

    Thanks Luna! You'd make it look mucho better, my looks are like a 5 year olds compared to yours lol :)

    Thanks the Peach!!

    Thank you Phyrra! The liner was a last minute decision but I needed something and I was happy it worked! :D

    @ScrubbingUpWell Thank you! I love yellows!