Sunday, October 10, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Schtuff


I bought this stuff a bit ago and still haven't properly swatched it all so here's what I have done so far.

I ended up making 3 purchases and 1 return and one maybe return.

In total, right now I have:

Briar Rose Beauty Powder
Oh So Fair Beauty Powder
Bite of an Apple Blush
Mean & Green polish
Bad Fairy Polish
French Quarter Greasepaint Stick
Wicked Ways Lipglass
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass
Dark Deed Lipstick
Heartless Lipstick
Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder

My returnees:
My Dark Magic
She Who Dares

Why the return? These were bought on my 3rd purchase. I got suckered in by the wicked packaging (pun totally intended) Maleficent was on the friggin case! But in total, that was $56 cdn on cute packaging when I already had something similar (Meow shades) in my collection. So I returned them and bought oodles of Fyrinnae instead.

The packaging! I actually loved the packaging, not to be mistaken with the design on the products themselves, just the boxes they came in. Even the INSIDES were detailed. Check out the purdy.

And here's the schtuff

4 collections in 1 mega collection and this is the best they could come up with? I feel like they just wanted to throw this one out there to make up some bucks lost to that Rodarte collection (but I do think I saw the crappy photos before then). I read somewhere that they wished the drawings on the box matched the pictures on the products. That would have been awesome! It would have looked more badass anyway.

What's also disappointing is the nail polish and the greasepaint stick didn't have anything special on the boxes or the product themselves. I think if you are going to do a theme collection, don't do it half-assed!

Speaking of nail polish. I knew Mean & Green was going to be the same as Orly's Space Cadet. I only bought it because it was hard to get Space Cadet and now I have a backup :) The formula wears EXACTLY THE SAME! I've never had an EXACT dupe before right down to the wear time. You need 3 coats with Orly, just like MAC. They even peel off at the same time. I painted half a nail with one and finished the other half with the other. There was no different at all. My cuticles look pretty damn horrible or I'd show you myself but there's a blog I googled that did have swatches of both and they'll tell you the same.

Bad Fairy I bought because there wasn't a dupe in the Orly Cosmix collection. However, this shade is a bit boring compared to the other 2. It's just a red with gold reflecty flakes on top that morph red from head on. So half the time it just looks like a red polish.

I did accidentally make it cool though. I plopped on a coat of Revlon's Galaxy sparkle top coat. It has black spots in it and holographic bits. Then went over it in a top coat to dull it all down. But of course adding a matte to it just made it last for a day. Oh well. Now I can say I at least tried a MAC polish. It just sucks that I have to use drugstore brands to make it look good.

Heartless! After seeing Temptalia's uber red lip I wanted an intense red lipstick. I also bought the corresponding lipglass Wicked Ways to try to make it more intense. I think I should have just splurged and bought the Chanel one instead. It's not as blood red as I was hoping.

Just Heartless

Heartless with Wicked Ways layered on top


I tried seeing if I had any reds to compare it to and I saw my nail polish bottle sitting there. If you have a new Revlon shade, this lipstick is slightly more intense

Revenge is sweet (purple one) also a bit disappointing. It's effing SHEER! It showed up purple on my hand but I forgot that lips are pink so once this is on, it just looks like slightly coloured lip gloss. Not worth the $18.50. But it has Maleficent on it, so this baby I am keeping. I actually wear it to work and I never wear lip colours to work, it's that colourless.

Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder. This stuff is awesome even if it is damn tricky to use. My first time, it worked perfectly, the second time, I farked it up somehow.

This stuff makes it look like you have a healthy glow. Better than any "glowy" product I have so far. And I have fucktonnes of those (yup ms dazzlepants, I totally stole your word!)
It has a very, very fine pink shimmer to it. I read on another blog that they can't see it. No wayyyy jose, it's just not an obvious shimmer. In my bathroom with shitty dark yellowed lighting I can still see it.

Here's it on my hand and then over top my blush (which was matte, so the shimmer bit is allllll powder baby) Click twice to blow it up if you want to double check.

It's kind of hard to use sometimes because of it being wet for a few seconds. Sometimes I end up with it looking patchy. A huge pain in the ass when it's only on one side. But when it works, it looks awesome.

That's all I have for now. I tried swatching the blush but for some reason they weren't showing up too well, but they show up well on my face so I'll just have to post some FOTDs to show you instead.


  1. I was so disappointed in Revenge is sweet also! Maleficent's my fave too and the other gloss was too dark for me so I was hoping this one would fit the bill. How can Mac justify $16 for a gloss that's freakin sheer!?!? My mac was sold out of the Truth and Light powder and the MA was like "you should get this one, it can be a bronzer!" Eh, no thanks I'm not much of a bronzer in the winter kinda gal.

    After seeing all Temptalia's swatches my list was so huge but then I actually swatched them. They definately didn't look as good on me as they did her! Oh well. My wallet thanked me.

  2. I know! Temptalia has one hell of a camera lol. I think it could make the bottom of my shoe look pretty! :D I'm not a bronzer person either. I already can't get my foundation to match, why screw it up adding some darkness in there hahaha

  3. I want the nailpolishes ! They look awesome

  4. When I was looking at Temptalia's swatches it did look like Revenge is Sweet was sheer, which is why, as pretty as it looked in the bottle, I opted for Hot House instead :)

    You got a nice haul :)

  5. SO MANY PRETTIES :D the red lip combo is hot! I have Chanel Dragon and it never shows up as bright on me as it does on Temptalia, I feel like her swatches are always a bit brighter than they are irl

  6. I LOVED Truth & Light. LOVED. It makes skin look amazing! The rest of the collection was kinda Meh, though. I did get the purple-y lipglass and Violetta lipstick. I just love purple lips

  7. Great review.. So many nice photos! I love look of the liquid powder on you!!! xx

  8. Hi Luna! With crazy layering they are beautiful! It just takes a looong time to get there lol

    Thanks Phyrra! I couldn't remember if it was the sheerer one or not! :s I'll still find a way to make it work :)

    SILHOUETTE! YOU.HAZ.DRAGON?!? You have to wear it. With gold. I will do my Dragon living through you :D

    Hey MissTat! It's a pretty spiffy powder! If I didn't dye my hair red so much Violetta would have been so owned lol

    Thank you Tali! And I almost wasn't even going to get it :) The shimmer made me do it.