Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I did for my cousin lady's wedding!

First off, not my best work. I was extremely rushed and didn't have a plan. At all. She (my awesome cousin bride) wanted us both to have smokey eyes and I did my best in probably 10 minutes. I've never put makeup on so freakin fast in my LIFE. And that's including foundation and blush. I just knew I had to get it done and do hers still as her hair was getting done.
We missed out on the hair appointment so we were literally running down the Vegas strip trying to find a cheap salon or a friggin curling iron! Walgreens saved the day!
After I did my makeup we had something like 40 minutes until the limo came and it didn't pop into my head to do her makeup at the SAME TIME as she's getting her hair done for a few more minutes still. DDDUUUHHH on me.

Double duh on me because I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE BRIDE! I frikkin fail so hard at this point, but really, just glad we managed to get 3 hair do's down and 2 faces made up and us dressed in under an hour.

So here's what I used for both of us.

Lid: Meow Spider Monkey
Crease: MAC HK Lucky Tom (I think it's called)
It wasn't dark enough
CREASE REMIX! Meow's Illegal in 50 States
mucho bettah
Browbone: Champagney Ivory highlight colour from a company long closed down. I'm hoping Fyrinnae's Finnegan's Wake will be my happy replacement :)
Liner above and below: MAC Black Line

Ick, even my brows look like crap. Oh well :D
My cousin loved it so much she managed to stalk down 2 Black Line pencils and was able to order Spider Monkey right before it was taken down on Meow's site last night. I did good, I was able to link her the pages and find her the sale coupon in time!! Go me! :D I am the greatest enabler EVAR!

Speaking of awesome things. Returned my 2 MAC Mineralize shadows that looked like my Meow ones, got my money back, bought a book and placed a Fyrinnae order and still had $10 left over. Rock.and.roll.

dinosaur plushie. You are mine.


  1. A beautiful smoky eye! Love those colors. Illegal in 50 States is a favorite of mine!

  2. it's so nice. even in 10 minutes, you make art :)

  3. Looks great! It usually takes me about ten minutes if I want to be really sloppy. But your ten-minute-eyes look awesome.

  4. I just ordered Dinosaur Plushie and I am so stoked for it!

    Love your ten minute eyes, I just cannot do it and make it look any good whatsoever

  5. I think it turned out cool :) even if you were rushed.

  6. Lovely smokey eye! I'm bummed I missed Spider Monkey, but oh well. I need to be better about stalking Meow Cosmetics.

  7. that actually looks pretty good! i like it

  8. Thanks Peach! It's so sparkly! I wish I could have gotten the sparkly bits to show up nicer

    Thank you etoileblog :)

    Hi dull_flame! I think it was pure adrenaline lol

    lol Silhouette!! DIRTY BIRDY!! :D

    Hi Robyn! Pure luck. It had to be. I know I couldn't do it again that quick. I went a bit longer on my cousin because she's a lot whiter than me so the black had to be just right or you'd be able to see my screwups!

    Thank you Phyrra!! :)

    Hey Kathy! That's sucky :( It is kinda hard to keep up with them though, SO MANY COLLECTIONS! I wish they were all just permanent. Usually I make crazy ass huge meow orders because I know I'm running out of time, I'd rather make like 4 smaller ones. Al though they'd still be pretty huge. I'm kind of a lunatic... :D

    Thank you BEAUTY♕AMBiTiON★ ! (hehe I totally cut and copied cuz I have NO idea how to make those pictures :D )

  9. this is awesome ! Love Illegal in 50 states !!

  10. Oh wow...I LOVE this look!! I'm going to try to re-create it tomorrow:) xoxo