Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pet Peeve, Girls who wear makeup are are insecure

I really do get annoyed whenever I hear that people wear makeup because they are insecure and don't like showing what they actually look like.

Well buddy, wearing makeup is what I actually look like because it's one of those things that make me, me.

I wouldn't leave the house without brushing my hair, does that make me insecure also? What's so wrong with wanting to try to put your best face forward, even if it's not perfect.

Makeup is fun, it's a little escape from the boring things in life, work, taxes, bills, reality tv... and it's something I get to play with everyday and I feel very lucky for that.

Have you ever tried to put makeup on someone who doesn't wear any? Or do you remember the first time you wore some?

I do, I was 12 and wore brown eyeliner and mascara. It felt weird and uncomfortable. But it's because I felt I looked different than normal.
Now, it's the complete opposite. If I don't wear makeup, I feel weird and uncomfortable just because I know people are used to seeing 1 face, my made up one.
If I don't wear anything, I get comments, "gee you look tired". Thanks.
So I'll skip having people wondering if I am sleepy or not, by not skimping on foundation and mascara.

I remember getting teased the first time I wore blush, the first time I plucked my brows. Those same people are the same that make the sleepy comments when you go without. People you know will talk about other people no matter what face you put on. The part to work on, is not giving a shit what other people think. It's hard but once they are done spinning their little gears, they'll move on to another topic.

I know strangers won't care either way. Can you remember a single face you saw yesterday that wasn't a co-worker or family member? Meeeee neither.

Sure without makeup, I feel like a troll. But you know what? I have days where I feel like an ugly troll WITH MAKEUP! It goes both ways. Only one face took longer to achieve temporary disappointment.

Everybody has a hobby, my older brother does sketching, younger brother fixes/makes cars cooler (he's chopping a rat-rod), mine is playing with makeup. The colours, the finishes, the sparkle. I love it all. There's nothing wrong with that. Sure if my house burned down and I lost everything, one of the things I would miss would be my collection. Not because I couldn't do my face up, but because I spent so damn much on it and most of it would be impossible to get back. Yeah, I'm pretty material like that. I'd also be sad my perfume probably exploded and perfume has nothing to do with appearance. Not to my boyfriend anyway, he can't smell anything most of the time. But that little collection has been going on for years. I have some good stuff in there! To me anyways.

It's like if a person who loves beadwork had some kid come in and smash down their wall of beads. They'd be pretty upset. All that time and money, all over the floor, mixed up. Good luck sorting seed beads :s

Yeah, in the end it's just stuff. But it's stuff I really like, that just happens to go on my face. If I wanna go out bare, I'll go out bare. Not likely, because then I wouldn't get my playtime in!

I'm sure some people who do wear makeup are insecure but some bare faced people are too, it goes both ways. Don't just assume that because I wear bright yellow eyeshadow, that I'm trying to hide something. You know what they say when you assume, you ass.

So as my big FUCK YOU to whoever says that chicks who wear makeup are just wearing masks to hide their face, here's my bare face. Nothing to hide. It's now in the interwebz and I am fine with this.

Nothing special. Spots galore. Hello uneven skin to the max. I even kind of look like a dude. So it's my mini challenge to make it even. To improve. It's fun! I wouldn't blog about it, if it wasn't!

I've seen other awesome blog ladies with their bare faces, Phyrra, BLIX, Heather for her concealer review, and they are still beautiful, makeup just makes us a lil sparklier that's all :) And sparkle kicks ass.


  1. Nice rant :) I feel pretty much the same way.

  2. Haha, I get the 'You look tired' comments, too, when I'm make-up less. That's fine though, I'm comfortable in my own skin whether it's got make-up on or otherwise!

  3. HELL YES! I HATE when people say that... today is the first time I've worn makeup in like, 3 days. I don't wear any half the time cus I'm so lazy, so I am definitely not insecure about my natural face. I think there is an obvious difference between a girl with horribly caked on foundation (probably insecure) and a girl with crazy kickass eyeshadow (probably just awesome).

    But yeah I HAAAATE the "you look tired" comments... way to say I look like shit. I have genetically REALLY dark circles, and I don't sleep well anyway, so there's not much I can do about it.

    I think when people have collections as big as ours, it's obviously a hobby and a passion, not just "insecurity". If my house caught on fire I would try and save my makeup first too, because I've spent a lot of time and money building up that collection! It's not less valid than anyone elses.

    To me you are just as gorgeous as always without your makeup:)

  4. My mom always says that she can't understand why some women doesn't wear makeup. She thinks its polite to wear some makeup when you go out. She is over 60 and she always wear makeup when she goes out (at least lipstick). She has always told me that I should wear lipstick. Sometimes when I am not wearing any makeup she says that I should wear some. I usually wear makeup when I go out but sometimes I am too lazy.. Being without makeup it's not a problem but I like playing with makeup and I have much bigger makeup collection than my mom. :D

  5. I love this! And your bare face is lovely. :)

  6. 'Yeah, in the end it's just stuff. But it's stuff I really like, that just happens to go on my face.'

    I couldn't have said it better myself. And you do NOT look like a dude, you big douche, you're gorgeous. I prefer my made up face - one time I was ill and went into work with just mascara, foundation and brows and my coworkers were actually shocked.

  7. Wordy McWord. (Hello, I'm delurking from just reading your blog. :P)

    I'm not insecure... at least not about my face (other parts of my body may be more questionable). I like wearing makeup, and I have fun with it - combining colours and seeing what brings out different features and stuff like that. I like sparklies - sparklies make the world a little happier sometimes. And sometimes, makeup makes me feel even better about my body (and I've spent a very long time not being comfortable in my own skin, so even having this is something good). But I go out without any makeup all the time - some days I'm lazy, some days, my skin is acting up and I want to give it a break, whatever.

    I don't get the "you look tired" comments (which is amazing, because I have deep purple circles under my eyes that I can never completely cover), but I do get the "you need some sun" because I'm pale, which are just as maddening (I look the same regardless of if I've been indoors or outdoors!). Can't win. Either you spend too much time on maintenance or not enough. I just don't get it. Blarg.

    (Sorry for the little novel - I am ramble-y at times. ._.)

  8. Great post! I am so with you! Makeup has been my obsession for about the last year. 75% of the time I don't wear makeup. I never do to work. I wear is some evenings and weekends. I am comfortable with my appearance either way. I just love playing with color and sparkle! It makes me happy!

  9. nice post. i totally agree with you. make up builds and adds confidence to us and it feels a bit boring without it. who cares about them anyway what's important is that we are happy that way and it is none of their biz. btw you're really pretty w/0 makeup what more if you added up spices(makeup) =)

  10. you definitely don't look like a dude :P

    And i love that you posted this. I myself usually never wear makeup, because I'm lazy. But I have a huge collection, I enjoy collecting it and playing with it and just making it fun! I hate that people are all like oh, you're just insecure.

    Tell me: does wearing bright neon eye-catching eyeshadows mean I'm insecure? What about purple lips? I don't think so. It takes guts to go bright. Kudos to all the lovely girls whose blogs I read that brighten my days with their beautiful faces :)

  11. So, here's my question. When did it become appropriate to comment on the way other people look AT ALL, aside from well-meaning compliments of course? It's my opinion that my looks in general are none of anybody else's goddamn business. Don't comment on my hairy legs, don't comment on my weight loss/weight gain, don't ask me if my boyfriend is upset because I cut my hair (???). It's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It's my opinion that commenting on the way other people look is just bad form.

    This, to me, falls into that category. It's none of anyone else's freaking business whether you wear makeup or not! And it's CERTAINLY not their place to draw conclusions about your psychological state based on something so trivial! Good grief.

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  13. Very, very nicley put!! Great post!!

  14. The only time I ever go without makeup is when I don't leave the house. Really. I'm sitting here bare-faced because I didn't go anywhere today.

    I could deal with losing my nail polish, and maybe even my makeup, but I would be very, VERY upset. It's not so I can "hide" like people have said, it's because I enjoy it. And I feel like I'm so boring on the inside that I have to make myself interesting on the outside. I'm a painter and I can't STAND the sight of a blank canvas. I have to create. Sure, I don't always wear foundation or blush, but I always have my eyes done. It's the most fun to do.

    So to everybody that says I look tired and washed-out when I go bare-faced, PISS OFF. I'm pale and have natural dark circles and I like to cover them. DEAL WITH IT.

  15. Love what you said.. I so agree!!!

    Also when men say it im like.. how is it then that you bother to shave your beardy hairs in that gay-ass goat style pattern if its a sign of insecurity for me to apply mascara!

    Ahhh pisses me off!!

  16. Love this post! I only left the house without makeup once, and it was to get rushed to the emergency room.

    I prefer to take a little pride in my appearance, put on some makeup, get dressed (and NOT in sweats or pjs, thank you) before I go out, even if it's just grocery shopping.

  17. I so totally agree with you on everything you said. :)

  18. A-FUCKING-MEN. I think it's stupid to say people like us are insecure, because the bright colours attract MORE attention - surely if we were insecure about the way we looked we'd want to detract attention from flaws.

    I hate when I have to justify my makeup collection, though when I say "I have my hobbies and you have yours" they pretty much shut the fuck up.

    And I find my morning makeup routine to be soothing :) I get angsty if I don't have time for it LOL

  19. Very well said!! so do NOT look like a dude. Your bare very is very pretty.

    No one has ever given me a hard time about my collection. I think the people in my life realize that, just like them, I have a hobby that may seem silly to others but is fun and important to me.

    I hardly ever wear makeup to work but on my days off I'm always playing :)

    If anyone else has an issue with my brightly colored eyes...yeah, well I really don't care what they think LOL

  20. While I appreciate the sentiment behind such statements - that people shouldn't feel like they **have** to wear makeup to be socially accepted - I can only go so far as to appreciate that many people who say such things are trying to be helpful, in their own way.

    But, like you said: my body, my face, my hair, my life, my choices. Others have neither the right nor the responsibility for how I, an adult, present myself to the world. Triply so if you're a casual acquaintance, a co-worker, or a complete stranger.

    When someone implies that I'd look better with makeup, or with my hair cut short, or without dark-colored nail polish, or thinner, or wearing heels, or with different-colored comes off sounding very paternalistic: "Ohhh, here you poor dear who can barely handle complex modern devices such as doorknobs, here you poor benighted savage, let me show you how to act so as to gain social acceptance from 'the right kind of people'."

    Um. Yeah. No.

  21. I love all you guys soooooooo much!!!
    :D I still say I look like a dude sans makeups but thanks ladies :) You made me smile. I was waiting for at least one person to be all EWWW GROSSS, I DEMAND U REMOVE THAT FACE!

    @Tali, I can't stand goatees, and facial hair actually, beards, mustaches it all creeps me out. Scratchy!

    @SilhouetteScreams, EXACT-FRIKKIN-LY! Yeah, I totally elongated a word to include a half-assed swear :D