Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lipstick of Awesome

I got my super de duper Morgana Cryptoria Black Friday Lipstick haul a few days ago (I asked for it to be sent in Jan so she wasn't slow on shipping, that was allll me :)

I will swatch these 1 by 1 and have them all done eventually because my lips have been chapped since freakin October so I can't be applying and wiping off too often.
Even this first swatch doesn't look 100% perfect because of my crazy dry lips. But it's an effing sweet colour and I feel the need to show the world. Or you guys at least :D

Here's the loot!

And the very first lipstick I chose to play with was Shrieking Orange (3rd one, top row)
I've been wanting a vibrant orange lipstick since I saw one from SHEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMEDFORFEAROFLAWSUITSANDGENERALFUCKERY

And I do believe this one is one hell of a deal. They are $10 but with the sale I got mine for $7 I think.

Would you rock this?


I don't wear lip products too often because I don't know how to properly pair them with the rest of my makeup :s But I think this would look sweet with a dark green smokey eye.

Time to go clean junk. Bye now!


  1. Oh. My holy GOD. The light pink and peach look STUNNING. I really need to order sometime soon!

  2. Aaahhh i looovee eiiitttttttt!!!!1

    so. swatch the restest, pretty please??? :)

  3. This has been on my 'list' for my next order pretty much since it came out :) faboo swatch!

  4. I just got my first Morgana's lipstick the other day and I love it! I ordered Wisteria. But I want, like, 75% of the shades they make.

  5. I now have cupcake crumbs which flew out of my mouth & onto the keyboard due to laughing over the "shewhomustnot" bit....

  6. @Beauty's Bad Habit The pink is so pretty! It's like a happy bubblegum shade. I put a tiny bit on just to check colour payoff and I think that one I'll swatch next

    @MissTat :D hopefully soon if my lips cooperate an not be dry as dirt lol

    @femputer & Phyrra Thank you!

    @Jade It's crazy worth it! I set my alarm that Black Friday night to wake up to make the sale lol. I knew I wasn't going to be able to pick just a couple lippies so I needed that sale price!

    @dull_flame Nice!!! I kinda wished I ordered a few more, there are just so many to love!

    @cinseven LMAO!! Then you can blame the ebil one if the keys get stuck :D

  7. I've been searching for the perfect orange. I was thinking of getting Shrieking Orange but I don't have the money for it :(...I guess I'll have to wait a while.

  8. Oh, it's gorgeous! And it looks so great on you! I got some lipsticks in the sale, too - and they all look really dry in the tube, but aren't dry at all when I put them on. Do yours behave similarly? I'm wondering if it's the weather down here, or if they normally have that misleading "dry look."

  9. It's not just you, they look like that here too but so far so good! :)

  10. Sweet! Yes, swatch the rest please. :-)

  11. It's so the next one I am getting, I have 24 carat pumpkin and LOVE it but I never know what kind of eyes to wear with orange lipstick