Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ink Pink You Stink!

That's how the rhyme goes right?

Bah who knows. I'm not 8 anymore. Or am I.... wha wha whaaaaaa.

I felt I was in a crazy pink mood today so I pinked the hell out of my eyes. If I had more time I would have plopped some dark purple or blue in my lower lash line to look less ill but STUPID NYX JUMBO PENCIL decided to take up time being all helpful and junk. It's crappy how the one extra step sets you back a few minutes.

So I used:

NYX Jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese (milk would have worked better but I need to find a sharpener that accomodates that fatty fatness of it. Something tells me my sharpener does fit it, in the other side, but it's 11pm and I don't feel like being a rummager at ze moment) I spread it out over the lid to make it a bit sticky for my pinks. Pixie Epoxy would have worked too but I haven't used my pencils in awhile and they were feeling lonely.

Shadows are all Aromaleigh
Inner lid half: Showy If you don't have this try to steal it off somebody, or ya know, go see if someone is trading it on the AL boards. There are rainbow sparkles in it. It rocks my world.
Outer half of lid: Fanclub
Crease: IWantCandy
Browbone: Shell from the Carolina Mattes
Liner: Revlon colorstay black pen liner (oOo mixing it up!)

Bad thing about light mattes, every dang stray hair on the browbone shows :( Other finishes tend to make them fade in. Looks like I need to make better friends with my tweezers again.

I have a couple more looks but I'm too schleeeeepy to post.

Also, kinda pissed at e.l.f. There is a code for free shipping. I enter it. $6.whatevs comes off the order in red and with the - and all. Then, oh hey you're a Canadian, lets plop $8 shipping to the order right underneath the -$6.something.
Yeahhhhh.... free shipping my ass. Thanks for NUTHIN'


  1. this is such a pretty pink :) lovely look

  2. I am loving the pinks you used in this, gorgeous!

  3. Love the pink eyes!!

    As for ELF - I find that most of the US retailers seem to think postage to Canada is so much more expensive when it really isn't. They just don't want to make the effort for us!!

  4. Looks lovely! And dammit, I don't think I have Showy >:(

  5. Cool look! I don't like it when co want to penalize their customers that live in a different country.

  6. Ooh nice! I love pink! You've inspired me to get more creative with my pink eyeshadows =)


  7. Ink stink poop fart out? That's what we said... or did you mean... one in the pink, two in the stink?

    ... :D oh right, I'm officially an adult now,urgg

    I like these colors a lot, I have Showy and maaaybe I have IWantCandy. Cottage Cheese is the only jumbo pencil I use... I ended up just throwing away Milk and Black Bean because they are so greasy. Do you have that problem too?

  8. Thanks ladies!!! I've been wanting to do all pink for awhile. I wish I had a good black to throw in the look.

    @Heather lmao!! I still feel like I'm 14 inside.
    I don't think mine got greasy, maybe you just had a bad batch? My Cottage Cheese does feel a little more stiff (giggle giggle) than the other 2.

  9. This pink look is so beautiful on you ! I like Showy very much and i'm happy i could grab a few samples of it . I like the Jumbo pencils as a basecolor !

  10. Thanks Luna! I'm glad you were able to get some Showy! I love how sparkly and girly that one is!