Friday, January 14, 2011

Meow Meow Meowwwww

If there were some pretties you were looking to grab from Meow Cosmetics, you should pop on over soon before the Holiday stuff retires!
For those who ordered shades last Christmas, this is a reminder there are 2 new Snowflakes! I almost forgot when I did up my order.
And I'm pretty sure everyone needs a jar of Present if you want a beautiful highlighter powder. I kinda wished I grabbed 2 jars, but I was trying to not spend too much.

Sunday is the last day to get all of these collections.

Also the 20% coupon is still working: LongWinterNap

I ended up grabbing a big ol pile, but I won't show you my insanity until it arrives and I can take pictures of the sparklies :)

You don't only have to get Holiday shades at 20% off, you could check out the Egyptian Treasures (I LURVE!) Or maybe softer shades are your thing.
Or grab the wicked awesome blush GAL. Feliners!

I'll stop linking now before your paycheques get angry at you :)

Basement cat lives upstairs


  1. Hi,
    You won a blog award :)

  2. I love Present, too! I'm going to have fun with that one. I'd like to see a violet or iridescent-blue version of that - I can imagine adding it atop of matte blushes to give them some extra dimension.

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    The kitteh is my brother's wobbly baby :)

    LiAnn, I hope they keep comming out with these different glow powders, they are perfect on top of plain blushes we wanna amp up!
    Blue sounds like a cool one I would totally pick up!