Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be Gone Grumpy Pants!

I see another email in my junk folder from Holt. I didn't check it yet, I'm in a great mood and I don't wanna read something, take it the wrong way, and get all bitter pants again, so I'll post a look instead! :)

I used Aromaleigh's Astronomical collection again.

Lid inner 3rd: Binary
Lid centre: Event Horizon
Outer 3rd and crease: Magellanic
Browbone: Perihelion
Liner: Physicians Formula Glam Copper gel liner for Brunettes

My blending skillz were shot to hell that day. I just couldn't get the colours to go where I wanted them to because I was in a rush. It's still kinda nifters methinks. I love Binary and I think I should have used more of it and less Event Horizon. Next time!

DAYLIGHT SHOT! Bluuurrrryyyy, I can't ever get a non blurry photo without the flash. It displeases me.

meh. Anybody have any colour combo ideas? The weekend is coming up and I can take my sweet ass time :)


  1. I like the look with both Event Horizon & Binary. Also love the use of Magellanic. Only one of the three I ordered is Binary. Now I wish I could add the other two. It was just so hard to decide.

  2. GORGEOUS !!!! I think i'm going to try this combo ! :D

  3. I like, I like, I like! The lid colours look bonzer :D

  4. this is pretty i like the gold liner :)

  5. @Marcey It was really hard to pick, I'm bad a decisions so I borrowed from my savings to get all of them. Sad my saving shrunk to be able to move back home, but happy I didnt have to choose. So either way I would have been kind of grumbly!

    Thank you Luna!!

    Thanks Robyn! I had to google bonzer teeheee :)

    Thank you charmed-chick!