Friday, January 28, 2011

More Red and Blue and FALSIES!

This is last Saturday's look but I've been lazy again.
ME? LAZY? Nooooooo.
But yeah.

We had people coming over to eat lots o junk food and play Ticket to Ride.
We R hardcurrr like that, board games on a Saturday.

I felt the need to makeupitize and did so with Fyrinnae accented with sweet ass lashes from Madame Madeline

I used:

Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid: Damn Paladins, it was sweet over the PE because the blue shimmer showed like crazy!
Crease: Velvet Vampire
Browbone: Finnegan's Wake
Lower lashline: STFU (no link, seems gonners)

Lashes: Elise 068

These lashes actually have navy blue in them but it's not super noticeable unless you are close up to them.

Yeah this is a dumb pose but lookie the lashes!

I have one more look to post but it kind of blows. I need to pick up some bulk candy when the dude gets home (yeah, candy is totally a need!) so if I have time, I shall post it tonight. Otherwise, it shall disappear in folder land.


  1. Just stunning! Velvet Vampire always looks such a striking shade.

  2. Lovely! It looks really soft and perfectly blended :)

  3. Do you have Bulk Barn?? They have great deals on bulk candy!

  4. I can't tell it's blue either. But that's a crazy cool lash design. Great look!

  5. Love the lashes! I always forget about Velvet Vampire. Its such a beautiful color!

  6. Whoa, those lashes look awesome!

  7. I looooove Damn Paladins. Loooove. I also love Ticket to Ride!

  8. Thanks ladies!!!! :D I need to break out the Fyrinnae more often!
    @Marcey YEP!! I didn't know Bulk Barn existed until I moved here and we have 5! It's crazy that a city of 1mil+ doesn't have a single one. It would do awesome in Calgary!

    @Robyn I lost :( 3rd place out of 4. First time playing though, so next time I will rule the rails yo! :D

  9. Ticket to Ride is awesome! Love this look, and the lashes are gorgeous.