Saturday, January 15, 2011

US peeps, you still can haz some Aromaleigh!

I just saw a tweet that there are a limited amount of Astronomical and Spells Wonderstruck and Mythos are still available.

So go grab schtuff! :D

Look done with Spells that I just realized I never did post! BAD MEH!
Crucio on lid, Lumos in the corner, Nox in the crease, Fidelius above crease and Finite for browbone. I think. This was done for my mister's Christmas part at the beginning of Decemeber. I can't believe I forgot to post it!

Look done with Astronomical here

Another here

Look done with Wonderstruck here

And some Mythos here

And my Astronomical swatches are here here and here


  1. Gorgeous looks! The last one is stunning :)

  2. Stoopid US :( I love the last look, tis a bit Gryffindor!

  3. @Beauty's Bad Habit Thank you!! :)

    Spanks Robyn! I still need to see the newest film but there's a nasty ass bedbug infestation in Canada and they've been found in THEATRES!! GROSS!

    lol Becca, let me know what you get!

    These last collections are the best because Kristen managed to pack so much shimmer and sparkle into them, I'm guessing to use up the special pigments. So, yeah, they must be owned!

  4. Oh, yay!!! I finally got them! Thanks for the heads-up. :D

  5. yay!!! It's times like this I can feel good I'm not just talking to myself hahahha :)