Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too Faced Candlelight VS Hard Candy Moon Glow

I love shiny stuff and I remember when I bought the Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight Powder that $32 is effing rediculous for a powder but I swatched it in the store and I couldn't say no to that slight golden sparkle.

You get 9 grams in a sturdy adorable compact with a mirror on the inside of the lid. It came with a sponge but I just use a brush instead.

It's massive and I don't think I'll ever run out but that doesn't stop me from checking out other luminizers.

Enter: Hard Candy Moon Glow. I think I paid $9 (any canuckers out there buy this yet and remember what the price was?)
You get 6.94 grams in a compact, the product pan lifts and there is a mirror and a not so impressive heart shaped sponge underneath.

Too Faced wins with the compact design. It felt strong and I could toss it in my bag and not have to worry about it popping open.
Hard Candy's compact felt cheap to me. The lid pops open before I even press the little latch in. It doesn't have much of a satisfying click when I shut it to know it's shut. Also, when it was pressed, it wasn't done perfectly, there were some lump parts. I tried to get it to show in pictures, but the powder is so light, it's hard to see, but in real life, you can see it's there. I'm kinda snotty, that I like stuff to look perfect and new when I buy it, well, perfect and new!

Too faced also wins the shimmer contest. It has a better golden glow because it has more gold shimmer in it. Moon glow has less shimmer but is also has silver and pink sparkles lightly spread out in it. I could do without these because it can just look like eyeshadow fallout.

Formula wise, Too Faced also wins. It blends into my skin tone better. Moon Glow has a more noticeable cream coloured base. It's a bit too pale for my skintone.

Price wise obviously Hard Candy wins.

I am a bit surprised to hear this brand was once sold at Sephora. If they charged Too Faced's price or close to it, I would not have bought it. Cheap packaging, wonky pressing, cruddy applicator, too light, bad sparkles, not enough shimmer.

So for $9 I think it's very meh. I don't think I'd repurchase. It is going to last me forever but when it runs out, that's the end for me. I think it could make a nice browbone highlight.

Too Faced's Candlelight powder is also something I won't repurchase, because I don't think a slight glow is worth $32 either.

So the moral of the story is..... SAVE YO MONIES AND BUY EYESHADOW!

Blow up the pics to see the shimmer better. Skin swatches almost look like nothing is there hahaha :D

Lumps you probably can't see but I can cuz I'm anal like that.

Go buy Meow's handy dandy face glows when they come out in the summertime instead. More shimmer bang for your buck and it won't lighten you up, just shimmer you up!


  1. That's funny, they do like identical to me in the skin swatches! Phyrra did a rave review of the Hard Candy one, so I am planning to buy it - since I can't afford the Too Faced - and I really hope it won't be lumpy and cheap-looking too :S

  2. I really love the Hard Candy One. It's what finally sold me on the whole 'candle lit glow' thing. I also think the Meow glows are fantastic! I've been curious about the Too Faced Candlelight, so it's cool to finally see it swatched. I think the moon glow works on me because of my skintone. What's your favorite Meow glow? Have you ever applied any as an all over face glow, or just to highlight?

  3. Pretty! I don't wear stuff like that because it tends to just make my face look shiny, and I don't need that because my skin is mostly oily (with a few tiny dry patches).

    I will say that the Too Faced Candlelight looks much better on your skin, but the Hard Candy Moon Glow looks nice too.

  4. BUY ELF BLUSH IN THE SHADE GOTTA GLOW! :D I am going to do a product review of it tomorrow, it is only $3 here so it's probably something stupid like $6 there. It is the best luminizer eva.

  5. @eRin My swatches kinda suck, I promise in real life Moon glow was more powdery lol. After I snapped pics I even tried to pack Candlelight on to see if I could get it to look as noticeable but wasn't gonna happen!

    @Phyrra I think that's why it's perfect on you! I'm just too dark methinks, light powders will just show up powdery.
    My favourite Meow glow is either Chameleon glow or Present from the holiday collection but I just use it to highlight or I get shineh!
    I JUST REMEMBERED! Aromaleigh's Twilight Lustre powder in Lustre. That one I've used all over my face. And I have 2 backup minis for when my bigass tub runs out. But the other 2 Sparkle and Dazzle just get the highlight treatment. Otherwise I look greasy lol

    @dull_flame I'm happy you could see the difference! I was worried it just looked like my dumb hand and have people go "uhhhh what glow?" :D

  6. @Heather I WANT THAT ONE SO BAD! I still have to try an elf order, but when I do, that sucka is on ze list! :)

  7. The powder in the HC looks a bit paler than the TF - bit weird for a luminizer. Looked at the TF a few times but can't justify it!

  8. It's totally paler, I even tried to pack more TF on the other side to see if I could get it to match whiteness but it didn't happen. Whiteness, yeahhhh there's some lovely grammar there :D
    The TF is uber expensive but it's gonna last meh years. If I want super glowy I tend to use my cheapo Claires bronzer that is so not a bronzer. One day I'll post a picture of this madness that is the Clairs baked bronzer-that-is-so-not-a-bronzer