Saturday, March 31, 2012

Post of random

I title things good yes.

Awhile back I was shown this cool site where you upload a pic and it gives it effects and stuff so I just wanted to share it with you.

I won't use it on my regular blog pics because that's kinda like photoshop I guess, and screws with colour accuracy ect blah blah but look at the nifty!

Oh yeah, the site is Pixlr-o-matic. 

I just realized this may not be new to you but it's new to me so hopefully someone else thinks it's cool and hasn't heard of it yet! Or I'll feel like a turd.

My original pic from 2 yrs ago maybe, probably.  Not the original original one, I think it's lightened in PS but my hair really was that awesome (toots own holographic horn)

and I pixlromatic-d that sucker

Oh hey sparkles!

My douchebag starbucks icon pic from the far right pixlromatic'd.  (Looking at my preview I was wrong, this was taken right after that pic, same settings though, stillllll douchey lookin')

Okay those ones were already Hipstamatic-d so they looked awesome to begin with, but LOOK HOW MUCH MORE AWESOME THEY ARE.

Fake stuff wins.

My family in 1988

My familly in 1988, PIXLROMATIC-D

I'm the problem-looking child in the middle, obviously.

Can't remember what the original for this one was, it's lost in my phone but it looks flippin sweet.

Okay the colouring is sweet, but my face looks all rawrrrrr.  I mostly just wanted to show facebook my haircut at the time but couldn't take a serious picture.

Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger pixlromatic-d
My broken Kindle

My broken Kindle still broken.  But it hurts a little less looking at this!

My cat cleaning herself
And the magic
Okay I'll stop now so I don't use up all my picture space but you get the point.

It makes stuff neat.

Use them with Hipstamic pics and they look neater.   If you don't already have Hipstamatic, my heart cries for you :)

It does stuff like this


I'll do a post of my favourite Hipstamatic pics some other time. That one right there being numero uno I took of a carnival thing up in Gimli. Sure it's not makeup but it looks cool and who doesn't like looking at cool stuff?!? 


So go play now.  With both.  
Warning, you will lose hrs of your life


  1. The red looks so gorgeous on you!

    1. Thanks! The red was my favourite. If I had more monies I'd very much do it again!

  2. Oh my GOD the cat picture made me laugh out loud. It is so fabulous

  3. Replies
    1. lol, I wasn't gonna put that one it but said FUGGET, It needs to be there too :D

  4. SWEET!!! Holy crap, do I ever love that red hair on you!!!

  5. The shot of you with red hair reminds me of Cher in her heyday, when she was still naturally pretty, and didn't need a whole lotta plastic surgery (so that's a compliment).

    Also, I too have spent hours playing with the Pixlr-o-matic and they have added so much new content since they first put it out there. So much fun.

    1. lmao Nice!! There's an old pic of me with crimped hair when I was 18 and my aunty said the same thing :D

  6. Please tell me that you called amazon for a new Kindle!
    Love your blog btw :)

    1. I didn't call them :( It was my fault, It was in my lunchbag loose and it fell off the counter and the can of pepsi I had inside kicked it's ass as it hit the floor. I ended up buying the cheaper no keyboard version incase I had another awesome moment like that again lol.
      And thank you! :)