Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crystal Wind

(gah forgot the jar shot)

I screwed up this look a bit but it still turned out, just not how I wanted it to :(

I was going to attempt another double wing look but didn't bring the wing down far enough so there wasn't room for the second one (unless I do one and it gets all wavy from my eyelid when my eyes are opened) crappins.

So here's what I ended up with:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on main lid part
The She Space Crystal Wind main lid colour
The She Space Ghostly Story crease colour
The She Space The Bubbles Made Me Do It highlight colour
UD eyeliner in Zer with Body Shop sparkle liner for wing
Rimmel Lash Maxx mascara

And yup these are the same kind of shot, but the colours are a bit different in both and I wasn't sure which was more accurate :D


  1. I like your liner in this one. The colors are very subtle, but looks like a nice look on you.

  2. I like these colors, subtle but nice and silvery.

  3. the wing is great and you look springy!

  4. I like how you did the eyeliner :)

  5. Very pretty, love the silvery shades with your brown eyes and you got the liner wings perfect!

  6. Lovely soft and shimmery look. I love it!

  7. Thanks Phyrra :) I was kind of faily on the shots for this one, cameras don't like the shimmer :(

    Thank you Kayeffjay!

    Hi Starlight, thank you! The weather's been really nice lately so I even feel springy :)

    Hi Simone! Thank you :) It was total fluke this time lol

    Hey Lillian! Thank you :D I keep meaning to do more silver looks but never know what to pair them up with!

    Hiya Blix! Thank you :) I pulled out my glitters and immediately thought of you! :D Then I got scared of them again and wore a pale pinky peach instead hahah I'm such a turd.

    Thanks Silhouette! I wish the camera picked up more of the colours, there was a ton of pretty blues in there but mr digital was like, screw you woman, get SUBPAR.