Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I be Haulin'! Annabelle cosmetics Swatches

I'mmmmm baaaaaaaack!

And got my shop on again. London Drugs here is discontinuing all their Annabelle products for some reason (Wal-mart and Shoppers Drug Mart still carries it) so I grabbed a frikkin truckload to swatch fer ya.
For those who don't know, Annabelle is Canuckian and only sold here methinks.

It looked to be all half price so I grabbed some extra's for a future giveaway. (As soon as Fyrinnae lets me hit "paypal please!" I should be set)

This is what I snagged:

And here are the swatches! Pay attention to the first shade and the bright green liner hinty hint hint.

Mineral Pigment dust in Solar and Eco Chic.
Liners from left to right, top row:
Limette, Atomic Surf, Cyber Jungle
2nd row:
Green Tease, Vortex Violet, Bronze

Breathless, Liquid Honey


Liquid Honey:

I'm kinda bummed Green Tease doesn't really play nice with me. I should learn my lesson, gold is great as a shadow, crap as a drug store liner. I had a gold liner when I was 16, same thing happened, not enough payoff to look awesome.
Oh well!

Now a sneakpeek at some of the stuffz I wanna toss into my giveaway soon (minus the gloss in the pic, stupid thing burst through the side and I had to squeeze it into a different container :SAD)

(The Annabelle stuff in photo is still sealed, I bought doubles, 1 for meh, 1 for yeh)

oOo Hidden Treasure is in there? That's righty, I found a couple and was going to hoard them both but decided to play nice and give one up.

And why is there a box of candy in there? To show my friends to the south what Smarties are SUPPOSED to look like :) And the chosen one will get to happily nom those babies up too. I just have to pick up a few things from Fyrinnae, go through my stash of backups I can part with, see if I can find another Joe Felt Liner, and I should be all ready to go.



  1. Damn I wonder why they're discontinuing it? I'm going to shopper's tonight to check out these discounts. By the way, I LOVE your background with the pink/white/black. Did you make that?

  2. Hi Ashley! You'll have to hop on to London Drugs, I think Shoppers still carries them but London Drugs is giving them the heave ho.

    And I yoikered the background from thecutestblogontheblock.com
    I'm not good enough to photoshop neato stuff :)

  3. i have one annabelle eyeliner kohl pencil, it working sooo good :D

  4. This looks like it's gonna be an epic giveaway! =D

  5. I'M SO HAPPY you found Hidden Treasure :) Also, Canadian Smarties= yum. My friend is in Canada and she's bringing me back some Annabelle stuff. Question for you: I got my Hi Fi order with the samples I'm sending you, but my Evil Shades order hasn't gotten here yet, and it got shipped about a week ago, so I think it might have gotten lost in the mail. I'm going to wait a couple more days to see if I get it, but if I don't have it, do you want me to ship you the other prizes without it? I'm sending you some Hi Fi samples, some archetype samples, an eye palette, a gloss, annnd I think that's everything. Sorry this is taking soooooo long T_T

  6. Hi ipehishere! I love the smudgey thingy on them :)

    Hellz yeah Candy Cacau!!

    Hi Simone! I hope so! I have to re-try that order I tried to do yesterday.

    Hiya Heather, It was awesome! I saw the display and was like YES!!!!! And yoinked them without even checking out the price first lol. And you can send it whenever ya want. I'm not picky :)

  7. Sweet! Good gold liners are Honey and Eldorado from Urban decay. They are very pigmented! Seriously!

  8. My Evil Shades got here today, so I'll send out your package tmm :)

  9. OH YEAH!!!! I completely forgot about those babies. I went to snag Eldorado last time but twas sold oooot.

    and WOOHOO!!! Thanks Heatha!!! My guys gonna be like STOP BUYING STUFF and I'm gonna be like POO ON YOU IT WAS A GIVEAWAY!!! And pelt him with frozen breaded chicken cutlet thingys.
    Diabolical. :D