Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fairy Garden!

Okay so I didn't use any actual fairy named shadows in my EOTD but baby pink and green just remind me of happy little fairies so FAIRY GARDEN IT IS!

I used Aromaleigh (I know AGAIN!)

Lid: En Pointe Tutu
Crease: Victoria's Revenge Private Lunacy
Liner and outer corner: Gothic Lolita Divine Intervention
Browbone: Annabelle's Solar

I forgot to do a full face shot! It's been too long now, my makeup is probably melting off :(

I skipped past Tutu so many times but decided to grab one when I heard AL was closing. And I'm very happy I did! It's like a more cool toned slightly less shimmery version of Terpischore which is one of my FAVOURITESTESTEST COLOURS out there!

And just for the hell of it, here be meh aromaleigh stash drawer 1 (drawer 2 is just my glitters, pure hues, face powders and blushes)

I can hear my bank account weeping


  1. ITA, Terpsichore is a TOTAL fave of mine! I'm glad I picked it up in the vault sale! Love the look!

  2. Yay!! Another fan of Terpsichore!!! As you can tell I still can't figure out how to spell it right though lol. I'm completely lost with Lost in Faerie shades. Google will be my friend :D

  3. Looks like you could start a new Aromeleigh store of your own! I've never tried any, and obviously won't now. I like your look, girl :)

  4. Another fan of Terpsichore here! o/

    I love the look, pink and green make good friends! I would've liked to order moar stuff, too but then some doucheweasels spoilt it all..

  5. Beautiful look. Pink and green is such a wonderful combination.

  6. Hiya Pinch! Thanks! And if someone ever offers some up for sale you should definitely try them out. It sucks they will be no more, but someones gotta un-hoard one day :D

    Yay Saila!!!! Doucheweasles indeedy!! Kristen seemed fine with having people pay their american friends and then they pay with their credit cards. Just gotta find uber trusty friends :)

    Thank you Lillian! I love pink and green together, I don't know why I don't try it more often!