Friday, July 30, 2010

Meow Mix V4.0!

Woah, slow down with the creative titles there kitteh....

I had to break out the Meow Cosmetics holiday colours again, they were saying "PICK ME!!! YOU NEGLECTED ME ALL YEAR, PICK ME!!)

So I did! Again!

I used:
Lid: Yellow Snow (12 Pains)
Crease: Witch's Brew (Zombie)
Browbone: Full Moon (Zombie)
Liner: Coffin (Dance of Death)
Lower liner: Meow Mistletoe (Ghosts of Xmas Past)

Still not quite the yellow/green look I'm boon looking for. I want something acidic. Maybe if I swapped shades and added more green. Oh well, gotta keep playing! :)


  1. I LURVE Witch's Brew! It looks nice in your look :)

  2. The gold highlighter is so pretty. I especially love the green on the lower lash line. Prettah prettah. :D

  3. Thanks Phyrra! I like that it's kind of a "dirty" colour, if that makes sense lol.

    Thanks Pixie!! :D

  4. Hngggg I love the brown liner on the upper lashline paired with the green on the lower lashline <3

  5. I made my first meow purchase a couple days ago. Dun dun dun! I'm just not allowing myself to by full size jars of shadows since I have hundreds of Aromaleigh jars comin' outta my arse! I have nowhere to put more jars so samples are the way to go for me. Plus it saves me moolah. :-)
    Anyway! Love the look. You always make soft looks seem so effortless and pretty.

  6. Thanks Silhouette! It's all nature-y and stuff lol

    Heya Blix, a Meow VIRGIN! We will dirty you up with sparkle lol. Excellent point about the samples saving teh monies. I don't think I've used a sample all up yet so it's a VERY GUD IDEA! My AL drawer is kind of sickening with the amount stacked in there hahah
    And thank you :)