Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Butterfly Kisses in the Purple Rain


Last night when I picked out my eyeshadow I was going to go with Matte whitish, matte pink and the green of AL's Glowing Luna.
But I changed my mind :)

I still used Aromaleigh but went allll purple with a bit of green.

The stuff:

I used:
Lid: Butterfly Kisses
Crease: Ephemeral Violet
Darken the crease: Purplerain
Browbone, inner corner: Sylph
Liner: MAC Undercurrent

The left eye turned out nicer, damn my scarred brow!!!

And I got a brand new camera because the other one was soooo slow and it's crap at taking far away shots. But this new thing is crap at taking closeups (so far, I'm not really a camera pro, so I have to play with it to find out what I'm screwing up)

It's a Canon Elph 1400 and it's so nifters! There's a setting to do a "fishbowl" effect and "miniature" effect and this neato thing where I can focus on a colour and it will turn everything else B&W!


So just for fun I saw this icon that was for "Portrait - Get the best out of people shots"

From what I can see, it seems to blur the skin. Here be mah face shot for today using the portrait setting. No photoshopping, just cropping to get my head.

I have two more EOTD's to post but I have to do my girlfriendy duties and clean house right now :( It's only fair. The dude did the laundry yesterday and almost every time before that so I guess I could get off my butt :)
I'll stop when I've had enough cleanage going on teeheee


  1. I love the pink and purple look :)
    Yay for the camera!

    I have a scar in my left eyebrow, so the hair grows funny on that side.

  2. Beautiful look! Very light and soft :)

  3. Love the purple you used in your crease. You always do such a beautiful job on your eyes!

  4. I love the purple with the green eyeliner! Nice!

    Your new camera sounds like fun!

  5. I'd like to say that i'm very excited to find a blogger thats from the same city i am, love kittys, has a sence of humour AND likes makeup. finally! :D

  6. You do soft looks so well. Gorgeous!

  7. Hiya Phyrra! I've never noticed the scar! You must hide it well or I'm just immune to noticing since I have one too lol

    Thank you lillian!

    Thanks Peach! That purple was a complete guess too I didn't plan it, it just needed something more purple!

    Thank you Kathy!
    There are so many functions on this thing though like this one I can change it to, to take pics of moving pets and stuff in beach light and such. "Oh wait animals and surf! Wait until I find the right setting! Annnnnnd ACTION LIFE!" :D I'm just gonna stick to the basic stuff on here or try to turn my apartment into miniatures....

    Thank you T the Bee :)

    Hi Aubrey!! Yay!!! and kitties friggin rock! :D

    Thanks Blix!!