Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No you guys aren't the suckers. Just us Winnipeggers who dream for the white stuff and then freeze our arses off for months and months and do nothing but BOOHOOOOO about it. Not me mangs. I gots me a scarf!

Okay on to the makeup before I get totally off topic and you can't stop the madness.

I was going to use the more bright Xmas holiday Meow Cosmetics shades but I had to take public transportation (with those judge-y people with their judge-y lil eyes!). Little mobile disease carriers. grumblegrumble...people who don't wash their hands...sneeze into their hands and touch stuff. Hey, do you feel like taking a shower now? I DO!

It's not completely unnatural to not want to stick your hands anywhere near your face after getting off one of those is it?

So to avoid eye contact with strangers I went with neutrals. Wouldn't wanna offend complete strangers with yellow eyeshadow, nooooo.

I will on Thursday.


So much for being on topic...

The stuff!
Once again I am saddened at today's technology in capturing FRIGGIN SPARKLES! They're in there, I PROMISE.

Meow Cosmetics! Christmas collection schtuff!!
Lid: Cheers! (Xmas Ghost)
Crease: Icebound (actually a tad pink, picture fails on me again, Glacial Grove)
Browbone: Doctor ZhiCATo (regular stock)
Liner: Blizzard (Snowflake)
Lower liner: Fa la la (Merry Mayhem)
Lips: Silk Naturals (whatever the clone was for Clinique's Black Honey)

Full face!!!


My only complaint with the holiday collections, is there aren't too many browbone shades. The white looking shades are too metallic or frosty for me. I still love them but as a main lid shade, not for hilighting so much. I would reallllly love some more creamy colours with the festive sparks inside. Especially if it had the pretty blue sparks that are in the Snowflake Collection. Creamy nude, BLUE SPARKS! Yeah, I'm lovin' it. (insert McDonalds tune here)
If you wanna browse here ya go, you just can't buy anything. I am that evil.

Bed time for me, I'm up wayyyy to late yo.


  1. Pretty. I love pairing neutrals with a bright color on the lower lash line for a little pop!

    We won't discuss the convulsions I had last time I rode the train. Let's just say that I whipped out the package of anti-bacterial hand wipes that I keep in the dog's service vest and had to wipe things down.

    Ewwww! Just ewww!

  2. Thank you :) I need to get me those hand wipes! It's funny, I'll go to grab the bar to steady myself and think, "ahhhh fuck it, no way!", then think "but if I fall it's way worse down there!" and miserably touch the thing.

    In the winter, it's so much worse too! It even smells soggy and people are hacking. Ohhhh man, not looking forward to tomorrow's ride hahaha

  3. Pretty make up! The purple liner on the lower lash line looks awesome.x

  4. I love the purple lower lashline with the pewter-y liner :D

  5. Hee hee you look like you were going to kiss someone and they left you hanging. Doh!

    Sweet look! I love the softness.

  6. Dood! That paired eyeliner combo? Brilliant! And overall a great subtle but not at all boring or humdrum look. :)

  7. Thanks Jonna and Silhouette!! I wasn't even gonna grab a liner for there but glad I did now :D

    Thanks Blix! lol

    Thank you Kathy! It's neutral but not at the same time. Well neutral in my oddball eyes lol