Saturday, July 31, 2010


This has nothing to do with the look but I had a dream Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds didn't want to dance with me and I got mad at him.
That's what I get for falling asleep with the tv on. Now I find myself thinking Matthew Gray Gubler is looking mighty hawt-er. I don't know. I got a thing for nerds. And cops are looking fine now too. Way to warp my brain DREAMLAND!
Ok.....ummm....end of diary entry...


Today's look was one that looked badass in real life, but the camera made it look more hooker-ish, the pretty sheens on top the shades didn't want to show up :(

Anyways, I used Meow Cosmetics again, cuz I'm cool like that.

I used:
Lid: Spell (Friday the 13th) plopped onto FPE
Crease and lower lash liner: Party Crashers (12 Pains of Xmas)
Browbone: Aromaleigh Supernatural Twilight Lustre powder
Upper liner and waterline: Coffin (Dance of DEATH!)

Face was my usual crap Rimmel liquid stuff and on top I mixed 3 AL powders: Parfait with Nectarine Coquille powder and some Lustre. Twas interesting, hid a lot of imperfections but not all but I'm cool with that because the eyes were SO KEWL!

I have to be careful with blues or I could look like I have a black eye, or think about Drew Carey's Mimi or just think I look like an 80's hooker. My mister said it looked like fish scales. I took that as a compliment of course. Coffin made my eyes look super brown!

Oh yeah! cheeks were MAC Ripe Peach ombre and lips were Silk Naturals (whatever the clinique black honey dupe was again, I'll remember it one day)

Ummm yeah some people are going to be severely disappointed if they think this post had actual hookers (guess I shouldn't have named the pics "ya hooker" and "damn hooker" and such. Whoops.) We'll see what the google search engine brings me :)

And to top it off with ROCKTASTICSUPERGALACTIC pose:


  1. This is in no way mimi like. It is in fact awesome. I couldn't figure out what was different about the look at first and then I was I figured it out. The brown eyeliner looks A-MAZING with the blue I don't think I've seen them put together. I ruv it so much. XD

  2. Wtf blues look so pretty on you, I do not approve :O and it looks extra pretty with the brow liner!

  3. The last pic is awesome :) It definitely has a mermaid feel. I like!

  4. I don't think it's hookerish or mimiish either. LOVE it! Very mermaidy.

  5. This does make your eyes really brown! I like it a lot :)

  6. Naaah, this isn't hookerish at all. It's very soft and pretty actually :)

  7. love these pics!!

  8. Btw, your mermaid look reminded me I'd never used my mermaid glitter from Morgana so I did a look with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Dreams are so weird! I always have vivid insane dreams that make me wake up feeling stressed like I ran a marathon. I hate it but it's probably better than not dreaming at all.
    Hmmm...I find dudes in certain military uniforms to be hawt. But it really is just the uniform that does it. :-)
    You certainly don't look like a hooker here...or Mimi for that matter.
    You look nice in blue. Last picture is awesome!

  10. Very pretty! And I agree, not like Mimi at all.

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  12. SCORE!! NO MIMI OR HOOKERISH!!! Nice!! Thanks everyboddeh! :D You girlies are so kind :)
    and Blix, yup, gotta be the uniform, I get all excited when a firetruck rolls on by and not because of the lights lol

    And Josh, I don't has a giveaway, so I got nada for ya.

  13. I have MGG dreams all the time!

    Have you seen this Matthew Gray Gubler video interview? Love him!

  14. I haven't seen that!! Oh so hot :D Thanks for the link! He's such a cutie and sooo does not look 30!