Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meow Mix Holiday V3.0


Today I wasn't sure what I wanted in my look, but I knew I wanted it to include last year's Meow Cosmetics holiday colours incase they make a comeback this year, and so people can start making their "STUFFIWANNASELLMYKIDNEYSFOR" list.

I used:
Lid: Ornament (Xmas Ghost) definitely one of my favourite golds
Crease: Fruitcake (Xmas Ghost)
Slightly above crease: Hangover (12 Pains of Christmas)
Browbone: Skelecat (Halloween Zombies)
Liner: Burnt Turkey (12 Pain of Christmas)

The stuff:

The EYE!

And I'm getting even more super excited for my meow samples to arrive from the Lost Rainforest and Caribbean collections after seeing the look Heather made today with her Meow samples!!

It may even be here already but the dude has the mail box key. I think he hangs on to it on keep track of my makeup shenanigans.....
What a spoilsport.


  1. This one is so pretty! You always look awesome in golds/bronzes.

    I hope Meow has the Halloween Zombies again this year, I need a full size of Full Moon, maybe Skelecat.

  2. Gorgeous.. this might be my most favorite look I've seen you put together. Super pretty.. :) I love Meow!

  3. Ornament is one of my favorites, too! So gorgeous! You look awesome with it!

  4. Hangover is a personal favorite of mine! Ornament looks awesome on you!

  5. HOTTTTTTTTTT I want to steal that gold!

  6. Um...'scuse me but you look hot and I want to steal this look!

  7. Mmmm, bronze-and-purple goodness. I love it!

  8. Beautiful! The copper and purple is so regal :)

  9. This is so incredibly flattering on you!

    I'm having a heart attack (in a good way) looking at your pics!!!!

    I am definitely going to copy this look.

    BTW how did you enjoy Vancouver? I hope my hometown was good to you! :)

  10. Thank you Michelle! :) Full Moon is like the gold version of Skelecat which is the greener version. I love them both. You should also try Spell Bound! It's got little rainbow sparkles in it, so pretty!

    Yay!! Thanks Kerry B!! Meow is pretty awesome :D

    Thank you Phyrra! It's a pretty wicked gold! I think I even saw some rainbow sparkles in it which just made it that much cooler :D

    Hi Thea! Thank you! I'd like to try hangover in the crease again, maybe with a teal next, or PINK!!! :D

    Hiya Silhouette! You mustn't!! Then I no can has teh gold!!

    lmao Blix :D Steal away lady!

    Thanks Kathy and Lillian!! I thought the combo would look genie-ish (I dunno why, I'm just weird) but it turned out super! Can't wait for actual halloween now!

    Hiya birdofparadise!!
    lol thank you! :) Copy away!
    Vancouver was awesome! I took so many pictures I had to buy a new camera because it was crapping out on me!!