Friday, July 30, 2010

Going Bananas!

After seeing this wonderful lil yellow sometime last year when Anastasia mentioned it somewhere (I have no clue where, might have been twitter but I haven't had it that long!) MAC Going Bananas, I knew I had to hunt it down.

Sadly it was discontinued, originally from the C-Shock collection. This was around when I bought my first MAC purchase (I grabbed the last Warm Chill in stock) but I don't recall seeing this yellow at the time.

Then when Ana mentioned it and I googled my ass off, I found out the collection it was from and started kicking my own butt for not visiting a MAC store sooner.

I didn't trust ebay so I just sat here, buying all the yellows I can find to quench my yellow shadow thirst.

But now, IT'S BACK! In the Dare To Wear Collection!!! In my opinion, the other shades in this collection kind of suck, matte texture, kind of boring shades (yes they're bright but 5 blues? Really?), so Going Bananas was the only one I wanted.

I also got my package from Heather's giveaway so here's a look I did using Going Bananas and Hi-Fi cosmetics! And I broke out the felt liner to try to get the super small line job done (inspired by the uberlovely Cinseven) The only bad thing about this liner, you can't get a good end to it. It's like trying to line with a toothpick, it drags the skin all funkified. But it's good for teeny tiny lines if I hold it on it's side and go sloooooooowly.

I used:
Lid: Going Bananas
Crease: Morbid Faith
Liner: Joe felt liner
Lower liner: Revanche

Full face! Kinda sucks but whatevs and junk

And I used the "face detection" imaging thingy on my camera. It looks like I'm about to sneeze...

And I almost forgot! Aromaleigh Twilight Supernatural Powder in Lustre is so cool!
At first I thought it was the lame one of the 3 in the set because when I first swatched it, it just looked like white powder. Stupid me forgot DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Holy freakin hell this stuff is amazing. It's like spreading opal powder on your face, so colourful.

If I can, I want a backup of it now...

Here's it on my face, the blurry one shows the rainbow shine better. Ignore the shitty skin itself though.

Don't forget to blow those effers up for max viewing pleasure! Click for big, click magnifying glass for BIGGGARNESS!


  1. I like the yellow! I'm enchanted by the new MAC collection color Zingy. I can't help it.

  2. Beautiful... I'm ALWAYS looking for yellows. Especially really matte vibrant ones.

  3. I'm annoyed at how good yellow looks on you.<3 Also ooooooo Hi-fi cosmetics is love. :3

  4. Hi Phyrra! I should have looked at Zingy again, I think Temptalia used it in her last look and it looked AWESOME!

    Hi T! Have you tried Aromaleigh's Real Gone? I love this one!

    Hiya Pixie! lol. I'll have to try some more Hi-Fi now! That gold is just too perfect to not get a full size now hahah

  5. Oooooh Going Bananas looks so pretty! I distinctly remember Anastasia going on about that shadow somewhere on her blog and was like OMG ITS THE ONLY MAC COLOUR I CANT DUPE :( but I can't be arsed to find it >;D haha

  6. Going Bananas is puuuurdy. Also, those Twilight powders seem awesome. Also, I sent you Tell Me Lies because sometime back we talked about it when I used it in a look or something :)

  7. Wow this look really brightens up your eyes! Love the Aromaleigh twilight powders too. So ethereal and lovely.

  8. Hiya Silhouette! I saw the name and I was like, waitaminute, I was on a mission to find this at one point and then I remembered! I do wish it was more pigmented though. A good yellow, but not mah fav yet.

    Hi Heather!! I remember you using it and was like, WHY THE FUCK DON'T I HAVE THIS GOLD!?! hahahah

    Thanks Blix lady! :) Gotsta lurve the shimmer of the twilight powders!