Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ed Hardy Color (colour for us cool people :)

Oh hai!

Sure I said no posty but I got a sec and I got makeup and I gotta SHOW YOU!

My momma gave me my birthday present early and I got 2 Ed Hardy color makeup palettes.

I didn't even know they existed until this morning so YAY FOR A SURPRISE!!

W000TY W00T.

I believe there are just 2 and they consist of 6 eyeshadow, 6 lip colours, a bronzer, 3 different brushes and 2 solid perfume tins. They also have a mirror and light up sides when you open it. It doesn't stand on it's own though :(

The pink box has 2 pinks, a frosty white, silver, purple and charcoal shadow. The lip colours it has are 3 different pinks, a white, reddish pink and dark wine lip colours. I haven't given this set a go yet, I went right to the blue one.

The blue box has a navy blue, dark silver, shimmery white, taupe, light aqua blue and black shadow (the blacks, silvers and whites are different in both boxes)
The lip colours are dark red, pink, gold (<3!!!), 2 coraly types and another dark brick red (also different from other palette, I'm just not good with descriptions!)

I'm also calling them lip colours instead of gloss because these babies are packed with colour. I was not expecting that at all. I usually think companies plop lip colours in a palette to save money because all they would do is tint vaseline...
Not with these babies! Well, one for sure anyway.

The bronzer (which is more of a peachy blush on my skin tone, these must be made for uber white people to be a blush. Lucky me, I JUST A HALFZIES!) is the same in both palettes along with the solid perfumes (Not sure what they're called, I've never tried the bottles before but you'll see in the pictures)

I'm quite impressed with the pigmentation! My EOTD sucked tho and I wasn't able to spend as much time as normal so here's some product picture pr0n instead.

Not sure how much they cost. But the boxes sure look purdy :)


  1. wow, these are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I bought the perfume awhile ago and I love it

  2. O_O Wow, those actually look really cool. I wonder where she got them and if I can get them in the US?

  3. amazing!!! i loooveee Ed Hardy!!!

  4. Of course they would have a bronzer ;] haha

  5. Normally I don't like Ed Hardy that much.... okay, scrap that, I don't like people who wear it that much.... but that blue palette is honestly the prettiest one I've seen for ages! And I like the design of it with the lights and mirrors a lot.


  6. I just got these 2 palettes too, they are at Shoppers for about $17. Great price, isn't it?

  7. After googling these thingys it looks like they came out last year in the states so I'm not sure where they'd be available. Online prices put them around $55 each.

    I shall swatch them eventually :) I have 3 companies to attempt to review before I fly to Vegasland in HOLY CRAP 1.5 WEEKS! I didn't know it was that soon already. :( I hate crunch time. And that I just called it crunch time...

    $17 each?! Nice! That may also be the sale price. My mom said her store stuck them on display before they went on sale and it was how she was able to snag them so quick but $17 is a great price. Especially to get that gold lip colour!