Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics

I totally see what the fuss is about.

Beautiful, multifaceted, unique shades. Not totally sure I used the word "multifaceted" correct, but whatever, these colours rock!
I have another winner on my hands. Like literally, when I swatch them. On my hands...

Okay down to business!

Back in my window shopping mood a bit ago I had run into Hi-Fi Cosmetics' online Etsy shop. I've heard about the company before, Heather wears a lot of Hi-Fi, but for some reason I never made a purchase. Not even at Christmas time where it was super tempting because Veronica (owner) had a wicked BOGO sale going on. I remember making a list but that was as far as I went.

So this time I purchased the blog review set and for uber cheap you pick 10 colours you would want to try and she goes through and sends you 5 of them plus 2 more she picks! It's a super awesome way to get the Hi-Fi word out.

It came quickly, and it came with a thank you note on personalized stationary with Veronica's name and web address on it. So awesome :)

I also received 5 business cards which I also think is cool. I do get people who ask me what makeup I'm wearing and I know, since it's usually indie companies, nobody knows who the hell I'm talking about. These cards will be with my moola on shopping days!

Eyeshadows are $4.99 each in a 5gr sifter jar, with 3/4tsp product. I do love the 5gr jar. When I buy full sizes, they will match nicely with my other shadows.

Also, you can snag the "buy 10 for $40" deal and save $10.

Hi-Fi also sells Spotlight Lip Glaze for $6.99. While some of the colours look like ones I'd really enjoy, I would prefer to see a swatch, or lip swatch first to check the colour out. Basically all the gold and orangey ones are calling my name.

The shop also has glitter ($4.99) if that's your thing and Glam Rock Eye Glitz, glitter gel ($4.99) that sound really cool to try.

Another cool product I'd like to check out is the gel blush.

On to my colours!

The ones I was sent to try out were:

Mornings of Gold
Crystal Moon
Don't Wanna Be Friends
The Cyanide You Drank
Morals in a Hole

And I was also sent
Happily Ever After

(just realized I forgot to show the 2 extras)

At first I was a bit disheartened. How was I going to make a look with so many darks?

Well, me, don't judge a baggy by it's colour! Seriously! Look what these babies actually look like:

(row 1 on primer, 2 on Pixie Epoxy)

Mornings of Gold, Crystal Moon, The Cyanide You Drank, Morals in a Hole, Don't Wanna Be Friends.

And look at how much you can smack down!


The colours are so amazing, you'd really have to see them in person to get the total effect of why I was so happy that day I shoved mah finger in the baggy of happy.

Blow demz pictures up. You aren't seeing things, there really are the teeniest blue sparks in Mornings Of Gold I managed to capture. "MORNINGS OF GOLD is a pale, golden wonder with a warm, red sheen and blue sparks of amazingness!! " YES!! EXACTLY!! Spot on!! I love it.

Here's the look I did.

I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (Hi-Fi has their own version now, "high impact shadow fix" I'd like to try)

Lid main: Crystal Moon
Crease, lower lash line: Don't Wanna Be Friends
Inner corner and Browbone: Mornings Of Gold

Joe felt liner

The 3 colours went together so perfectly. If some fancy schmancy company wanted to put together a high end trio with perfect warm shades for the autumn/winter season, these 3 would be my choice.

But I would say "forget you fancy schmancy, I'm going to Hi-Fi for $14.97!"


  1. Glad you like! Love it that you like Hi-Fi!

  2. Yaay I love Hi Fi! Mornings of Gold is one of my favorite shades. I'm a big fan of the iridescent-gold types. I love the look you did, as well :)

  3. I love Hi-Fi also! The Cyanide you drank is a great colour but my favourite from them is Psycho Mind (wearing it now even) :D

  4. I really want more Hi-Fi Stuff... I bought from the BOGOF last time, ha ha! I looooove Mornings of Gold.

  5. Hifi rocks - I have been loving them for ages and grab their 20 sample packs or 10 sample packs. I really love lost and lonely from the Labyrinth collection. I have tried her shadow fix and it does a great job. I haven't had a chance to compare it to pixie epoxy yet. However I did note that compared to pixies epoxy you need makeup remover to get the colours to budge as they stick like mad and make the colours great.

    Check it out here:

  6. NOM I love how shimmery the look is :D and I fucking love Hifi.

  7. Spanks ladies! I will be going back as soon as this cc is almost paid off. I won't wait til it totally is, that's just redikerous.

  8. Lovely look, Crystal Moon looks gorgeous.

  9. Thanks ScrubbingUpWell! It's super pretty and shiny. I just made a small order like 10 minutes ago but forgot to order it :( Oh well, excuse to make another next payday!

  10. Drooool. This is so pretty. I need Don't Wanna Be Friends.

  11. It's a pretty kick-assy bronzey shade!