Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MAC Disney Venomous Villians

Is oooot. Online anyways. As of 2 days ago cuz I'm a slug and forgot to inform :( Some products are sold out.


If you have a MAC retailer, hit that up. Tomorrow is launch day. I went there to swatch my goodies I ordered and they still had the Fabulous Felines up. DANGNABBIT!

Go snag some schtuff already!

I ended up making 2 orders in 2 days because I'm a loser like that.

My pick:

Briar Rose peauty powder
Bite of an Apple blush
Mean & Green nail polish (apparently EXACT dupe of Orly's Space Cadet. Which is also awesome because I wanted a backup and didn't want to attempt to hunt another down!)
Bad Fairy nail polish (the unique one of the 3, the 3rd polish Formindable! is a dupe to Orly's Galaxy Girl)
Heartless lipstick (I was convinced it would make a perfect hot red lip until I saw this from Temptalia) But I'm sure it's probably still pretty ass-kicky.

And order number 2

Wicked Ways lipglass (to layer over Heartless in an attempt to get Temptalia's uber red lip)
Dark Deed (I must be insane. Total impulse buy, because once again, Temptalia made it look HAWT!)
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass. Just cuz. It looks purple in the tube and has Maleficent on it! Sleeping Beauty is my favourite old timey Disney movie. Twas needed.
French Quarter Greasespaint stick. It reminded me of a really thick Black Line pearlglide intense pencil. So I needed it. Not even knowing what IT really was :)

I was going to grab a backup of Briar Rose and get the Magically Cool Liquid Powder but 1, So far my only backups I've dipped into has been mascara and 1 Mark blush. So I'd probably never get to it anyway. Someone else may have one :) You're welcome planet Earth :D
And 2! For that powder, it says it's 70% water. And I still don't totally know it's function. So to avoid tossing out $35.50 and being stuck with some powder that may, I don't know, evaporate(?) in time, because seriously, HOW DOES THAT WORK YO!?!

It's for the best though. I bought enough already to make my innards hurt in guilt hahaha.

Order 1 should be in tomorrow. I may not swatch Dark Deed. If I return it, I'd rather return it unused so someone else can enjoy it (It's sold out online in Canada right now) Unless anyone would be willing to buy it in a blog sale. If I hate it that is. I may stop by the store tomorrow and see if I can swatch it there. DUUURN YOU IMPULSE BUYS! MAKING ME QUESTION MY SPENDINGNESS!!

Are you picking anything up??


  1. I cant wait to see some looks with this :)

  2. I would LOVE to but I'm unemployed and poor. If anything I NEED those nail polishes, though, they're so cool! But they aren't on the website.

  3. I really want Toxic Tale and Violetta, though I can force someone near a PRO store to buy me it anytime, and I'm hoping TT is similar to a brightass Rimmel colour I already own >_>

  4. LOL too funny.. i love how you went back for more for the gloss to wear on top ;)
    I have an awful feeling ill be awake midnight sunday to get the UK release online and order the products I didnt get to layer on the products I did!

  5. Thanks Amber! I've started a bit. I need to get better pics of the lipstick before wrecking it's perfect non-usedness on my mouth lol

    @dull_flame :( Well if you can somehow get access to the Orly ones, get those. Cheaper and exactly the same somehow. It's like they all grabbed the formula from some nail polish manufacturer and shoved it in a different bottle! Minus Bad Fairy, that one doesn't match anything I have yet.

    Hiya Silhouette! I totally didn't even know they were PRO! Violetta looked pretty badass but with me dying my hair red all the time I thought it would be too clashy. But I am wishing I grabbed that instead of Dark Deed. Dark Deed in indeed dark...

    Hey Tali! I went in the store and saw Truth & Light and had to get that too to wear on top my purdy new beauty powders :D I hope you get the ones you're looking for!!

  6. I can't wait to see your review on the items you got.

    I will also be doing a review very soon. My order will be arriving tomorrow hopefully!

    The only item that I wanted that I didn't get in time was the Oh So Fair Beauty Powder because I decided I wanted to get it after I placed my first order. By the time I decided to go for it, it had gone! Oh wells.

    I got Toxic Tale lipstick and both the My Dark Magic and She Who Dares eyeshadow duos.
    I also got one of the Evil Queens single eyeshadows in Vainglorious because.. its literally my YouTube/Blog name!
    I also got the Dark Deed lipstick. Dark deep red lips are very in style at the moment and I didn't own anything like it. I love the swatches I've seen of it so hopefully I can rock it.

    I had a list of 3 other items that I wanted but couldn't justify splashing even more money on MAC..I have a sneaking suspicion my boyfriend has ordered them for me..
    If he has they will be for Christmas, I hope i'm right :p

  7. I came across this blog entry while googling mac's dark deed for sale. I just wonder if you still have the lipstick and if it's for sale. :) thanks

  8. Hi Pheeb! I'm still trying to figure out if I want to keep it or not. It's taunting me lol