Monday, September 6, 2010

Rock A Betty Beauty

Since I'm poor as a mofo I was window shopping through Etsy when I came across Rock A Betty Beauty.

The awesome banner alone sucked me in.

They had a blogger review kit that I purchased for $3.75 and in it came 5 eyeshadow samples (Lid Lustres), a sample of their Pinup Glow and a cute business card.

The samples were chosen at random and I received (and their site descriptions):
Foam - A sparkly, shimmery white
Meringue - A soft, shimmery, lemonade
Heavy - A deep, earthy golden with gold glitter.
Petal - A shimmery sweet, cotton candy pink
Smoke - A deep, navy black loaded with rainbow glitter

Going to back to the website, I notice the shop swatches are quite a bit darker than what I actually got. Especially with "Heavy". Going by the shop swatch I would have skipped right past it, but luckily a sample was included in the kit because this was my favourite shade of the bunch!

Here is the site swatch

And here is the actual

But oh wells, that's what samples are for!

On to the colour!

Never having seen this shop before I wasn't sure what to expect but as soon as I started doing up my FOTD I was super impressed!

Here was the look I did

Lid main: Heavy
Inner corner: meringue
crease liners: Smoke
Browbone: Foam

And ze FACE!

And on the the swatches!

Top row with primer
Foam, Meringue, Heavy, Petal, Smoke

Pinup Glow powder

Right now all the shadows are on for dirt cheap, $3! Size is .28oz. I'll admit I didn't pay attention to size conversions in school so I assume it's what you'd normally get. Any math whiz out there can inform me otherwise, that would be awesome :)

So get them at the low price while you can, it's just temporary to get rid of old packaging.

Other than my whinyness about the site swatches being a bit off, my only other complaint is with the glitter in Heavy. They are a bit too big and don't stay well, even with my primer. One blow to get rid of the fall out stuff and the glitter flies away. It's still really pretty even without it so I will be getting a full size eventually.

Low shipping
Super pigmented
Easy to blend
Not a million and 12 shades (I get overwhelmed with pages and pages of shades)
Awesome buy more, save more deals

That pesky glitter in Heavy
Site swatches iffy

When I can afford to, I shall make a real purchase. I see more colours I'd like to own :)


  1. No more bargains... noooooooo...

    Really pretty colours though, and I like it when you get sent random samples you can actually use for an EOTD

  2. These colors work very nicely together. From the swatch there's no way I would have though 'Heavy" would look that nice but it makes a great lid color for you.

  3. Very pretty. And I'm partial to the company name so may have to give 'em a go. ;)

  4. Wow. The Pinup Glow Powder is lovely. I also really like the look of Petal, it reminds me of MAC's Helium pigment!

  5. I love that EOTD! Very pretty.

    I hadn't heard of them yet, so I will have to check them out. (I also love a company that gives you options, but not too many options. I get overwhelmed, too, when there's tons to choose from.)

  6. Oh! They look really wonderful! I like them all, especially the Foam and Petal shades!
    The look that you made is really beautiful! I am enjoying your blog a lot,

  7. Veeery interesting, although I am not understanding the difference between the regular colors and their raw counterparts?

  8. That took me a bit to figure out too. The "raw" version is without the matte base mica powder (?), so it will be more vibrant or darker but probably need a primer.
    But that's me being an assumer.

  9. Do you remember that friends episode where Joey finds his 'hand twin'? I think you might be my 'eye twin' lol
    yes i am stalking your blog

  10. lmao I do!! And I remember thinking the same thing when I saw you in some wicked gold eyeshadow! :)

  11. I liked Rock A Betty- especially the popcorn bag. My fave shade of hers is Rehab. I do like their customer service and if I use Pixie Epoxy the glitter sticks a bit more.