Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sparkles! Birthday dinner makeup


My mister took me out for my bday dinner last night because we couldn't last week with my cousin's wedding, so I wanted loads of sparkles!

I've only worn sparkles one other time as a lid shade and I forgot what I did, so I sort of just flew with it this time.

I used:
Pixie Epoxy just on main lid part
Lid: Aromaleigh Sonic Glitter in Shakeitup
Crease: Aromaleigh Freakshow from Victoria's Revenge collection
Liner: MSCHIC Astral Shine (I think it may be discontinued)
Lower liner: Meow Illegal in 50 States from Guilty Pleasures collection
Browbone: Meow Chameleon glow powder from Lost Rainforest collection


Also I <3 Freakshow so much. It's like a dirty brown if that makes sense and not just a regular brown. It's very steampunk-y to me. Awesome colour for creases! If you can find it or someone will swap it to you, TAKE IT!!!

Lips Morgana Minerals Raspberry lipstick. The dude hates lipstick usually but I remember wearing a sample of this awhile ago and he actually liked it. Naturally I had to get a full size :D

All the damn lip pics wanted to be blurry. I HATE U BLURRRRRR!

And meh face. Ignore me looking bald and shit. My hair was still pulled back for work and I didn't want to take 8 hrs to make it straight. Oh and ignore my white friggin flash face. My face actually matched my neck in real life but the flash didn't like my translucent finishing powder and decided to embarrass me greatly.

What else does I has for you....

Oh I took an updated Aromaleigh collection shot for ya! Back when Kristen did a "show me your stash" I managed to round everything up but I didn't get to send them because it was announced AL was closing so I didn't bother. I had orders to place yo!

So this is the most recent pic as of, like 2 days ago, KITTEHS STASH! Not including massive amounts of sample baggies and my mini drawer of backups.


And a "time machine" filtered pic for added BRIGHT! As always, double click for extra AWESOME!!

I cropped it down for my new banner. YOU LIKEY?

One more thing! I just made my very first Detrivore order. On ebay they were selling a pack of their 1st 50 samples and a bonus primer for just $25. SOLD. Even if just for that primer. I keep seeing guuud things about that schtuff. If they would make super sweet sample packs of their mattes and satins and blushes, I'd buy the shit out of those.



  1. Very pretty! And I wondered at the new header a few days ago - and when I scrolled down to the AL stash pics, I wondered if that was it. (Yup!!!)

    Glad you had a good time in Vegas - and happy birthday to you!

  2. O hai sexeh :D

    You look, as we say in these parts, well fit! Love the new banner - I have much jealousies.

  3. I didn't realize that the left drawer was actually a double layer until I looked closer. I am in awe of your collection, and also a little (aka majorly) jealous.

  4. Pretty sparkly eye! Love this look! And what a great AL stash! So many pretty colors!

  5. You shut up! You are as CUTE as a button!
    Sparkles are so fun I have three drawers like yours full of them. :)

  6. The glitter on your lid is AWESOME!

  7. I am so envious of your make-up collection!

  8. It's simple but really, really pretty! And sparkly!

  9. Love your bday eye, gorgeous colors! And HOLY CRAPBALLS that is a lot of Aromaleigh! Nice!

  10. Thanks LiAnne! I got bored of the old header and thought it was kinda silly to only have 1 mineral shadow pictured when that's all I use lately :)

    Thanks Robyn!! :D

    Hiya Miss Mango, I forgot to mention that part lol, yup some are doubled, I ran out of drawers and had to make some be friends with others. They don't play nicely. They beat the shit out of the others and I find yellow powder everywhere. Oh yeah, shadows totally bleed yellow. Dun dun dunnnn

    Thanks Peach!! My mom thinks I'm nuts but I love my lil stash :)

    Hey Kimberly, thank you! :) Gotta love the drawers! Train cases just don't seem that useful anymore once ya gotta drawer lol

    Thanks Ms Phyrra! I got some in my eye but the best part is, it didn't hurt! :D And blinking was awesome in the light, I saw stars! heheheh

    Thanks Stefane! I'm trying to be good now and just buy samples. Unless I realllllly love one and need a jar. Or limited edition... okay so I'll never actually be good until the debt people come a knockin'...

    Thank you Dull Flame! I didn't wanna make it too crazy being like 50% glitter and not used to it so I'm glad it worked out! :)

    lol Princessfats, thank you!

  11. THAT GLITTER IS SO PRETTY OMG. And you look so good in glitter! It looks like a chunky mess on me :O

  12. Ooh I love the glitter! And the amazing shadow collection! And Detrivore!

  13. Ooh that is one massive big stash there !

    Kind of stole the show from your pretty look though, raspberry lips suit you really well :)

  14. Lol Silhouette! I did get a bunch all over my face but I kind of scraped it off with my powder brush. Kinda hurt from scrubbing so hard hahahaha

    Thanks Heather!! I can't wait for them! Gonna use that primer like there's no tomorrow!

    Thank you Lorraine! I wish I could have gotten a clearer pic of that lippie for you all, it just wasn't behaving!