Friday, September 10, 2010

Gaga Lipglass

Super quick, gotta leave in 5 mins.

Okay, other than looking like a total bitchzilla check out my new Lady Gaga lipglass!

I'll show more pics after work. First impression? I effing love it.


Me kissing a polar bear.

I fed him babies.


  1. Jeez my first thought was "who peed in her cheerios?". You look super pissed. Hee hee. But that gloss is hot!

    OMG that picture...were they your own babies or someone else's?

  2. I like your pissed look - it means serious business! Next time I need some asses whupped, I know who to call. :)

    Gaga lipglass is so pretty, and looks great on you!

  3. lol, I can't do a "no-smile" face or I end up looking like this uber biznatch you see above. The same goes for my mom. We just have mean faces hahahah.
    I totally fed him stranger's babies cuz I has none and me likes it like that :D More money for the sparklies. lol

    Thanks Kathy! It's such a bitch to try to take a pic of, you'll see my attempts in my next post if I get off my lazy arse!

    Get it Robyn! You know ya wanna. :)

  4. YAY for feeding babies to polar bears so they will do your bidding!!! ^_^

  5. Angry face is angry. XD but the lipgloss is hotttt