Friday, September 10, 2010

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass and Schemer Leopard Luxe Lipglass


Okie dokie, so this morning when I posted my anger face I realized it wasn't 100% accurate. I had used a lipstick under neath to be more pink.

Anywhosies, I don't buy MAC that often anymore unless it's a lip product or blush and even then, I mostly only get some limited editions. There are permanent stock I want but I can't afford too much at a time unlike online mineral makeup shopping (IT'S JUST SO EASY TO GET CARRIED AWAY!!)
Nevermind the anger shopping post... I HAD TO GO NUTS or I woulda had to smack a bitch.

So what was my point again? Ah screw it, I forgot. So here's what I bought on my last paycheque, just 2 itty bitty lipglasses.
Viva Glam Gaga and Schemer from the Leopard Luxe collection. The Gaga one was a total impulse buy. I do want the lipstick still but I heard the gloss is more limited than the lipstick, so I saw it and had to get it.
I guess Schemer was an impulse buy as well. I had wanted the Leopard Luxe quad but realized I really only wanted it for the 2 lighter colours and it wasn't worth it so I passed.

Mark that down in history.

I saw something I originally wanted...and PASSED! I must be ill.

Getting home and plopping these babies in with their cousins I realized Schemer looks so damn close to Gold Dust from the Amber Spring Color Forecast!!


Gold Dust is a bit more orange but look!

If I knew they were THATCLOSE I would have grabbed either Best of Breed or Jealous. Growl. It's a damn good thing I love gold.
growl again.

On my mouth!

SPARKLE CLOSEUP! Hah! Looks weird.

Annnnnnd, oh yeah the Gaga gloss

Here be it


And here it is again

It does that annoying settling in the lines thing.

So the pic from this morning was it on top of Bubblegum from the pink Spring colour forecast line

Gotta go before the dude gives away my pizza


  1. How lucky you are! I want Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass (and the lisptick too!) but I don't have any MAC stores near...

  2. that's a pretty gloss, the sparkly one. Pretty pink lipstick that u layered with the lipglass, too. I got the gaga lipglass for the same reason, i think. the guy said it was about to sell out and i was like huh? gimme. :P

  3. I bought the Gaga lipstick today! It's so prettyful!

    I hear you, I'm a total makeup addict but I have no money so I have to really reel myself in sometimes.

  4. You could always return the gold one that's too close. Thanks for swatching :)

  5. Would they let me even if I used it? I kept the box but I can't find my receipt :(

  6. I think you can return anything (used or not) with a receipt within thirty days of buying it, so if you can find your receipt it's worth a shot. If you can't find it, they might let you return it for store credit.

  7. It's a good thing I have the habit of not throwing anything away because I actually managed to find the little bugger squished into the other junk on my vanity! YAY!! Instead of more makeup I actually bought something I sorta kinda needed, clothes! Nobody needs to see this naked.

    I probably should have told the girl I did try it on... I'm kind of anal on how I pull the brush out to not get any goop on the rim, so it still looks new. SOMEONE'S GONNA BE SWAPPIN SPIT WITH ME! Lucky gal :)

  8. Schemer looks really pretty on you, so I bet Gold Dust does, too - but you should give us pics of it, too, anyway. :)

  9. I love the first two glosses the most! They suit you really well too.

  10. Ugh the gold gloss is so freakin pretty *drools*

  11. Spanx ladies :) Next time I use Gold Dust in a look I shall post ze picture. I don't wear lip stuff often cuz I have an annoying biting my lip habit and then I end up just eating it lol