Saturday, April 10, 2010

MAC vs MEOW e/s Showdown!

2 years ago I picked up the very last MAC Warm Chill in the store without even knowing it was a limited edition until the cashier said they are now sold out. I was super happy, it was such a pretty soft green, I would have been upset if I had seen this colour and not had a chance to swoop in and save it!

Until I actually used it in a look.

I wasn't too big on eye primers back then, I used them but not everyday and the day I chose to wear Warm Chill, I skipped it, assuming MAC is high quality and therefore didn't need one. WRONG.

Recently I also received my Meow Cosmetics order and when Get Lucky fell onto my lap, I knew I recognized that green! It's sooo close to Warm Chill but minus the slight gold shimmer.

Warm Chill: Frosty seafoam green with gold pearlized pigments

Get Lucky: Airy and fresh celadon with a soft pearlized finish and dewy texture

The pics actually make them look way different but the swatches show them to be more accurate.

And the skin swatches:

Left side is without primers, patted on dry with finger

Right side is over UDPP, patted on with finger

B:Meow Cosmetics

You can see the pigmented trophy totally goes to Meow. Sure it doesn't have that slight gold shimmer that Warm Chill has, but that only shows up when using a primer and even then, the green is so faded, it's not worth the effort. And more Warm Chill stuck to my finger than my arm so I was tapping pretty damn hard to try to get it off!

Here are the EOTD's I did at the start of the week.

Look one is MAC and NYX (3 browns in a pan!)

Look 2 is all mineral baybeee Meow

I know I prefer to have colour payoff over well-known name cosmetics that work sub par :D


  1. Yep, I'm with you, gimme color payoff!

  2. Absolutely. I have colours from my 88 palette that go one better, and show up better, than my MAC. I don't favour well-known names just because of the brand. Its all about payoff!

  3. With you. I find some Mac shadows are great (i think its the veluxe pearl shades) but some are terrible. I have a couple which are basically rock hard and you can't get any colour off them at all. Meow looks far nicer too.

  4. Is it weird that the most exciting part of this post for me was 3 browns in a pan? XD *throws confetti*

    MAC neutrals are so pretty but their actual colour cosmetics fail >_> indie shit ftw!

  5. I got into MM at the same time as I got into makeup in general... the only brands I've actually bought stuff from is Bloom (nail polish), Avon (eh ok pretty much everything haha), Stargazer (lipstick) and Australis foundation and powder, as it's the ONLY thing I've found to match my skin, and I don't use foundation really at all anyway.

  6. Heck yeah 3 browns in a pan!
    I liked MAC's pigments but with the bottle shrinkage I think I'll just stick to the only 2 I ever bought.

    I love Avon's lip stuff but not too fond of the shadows (unless a new kick ass Mark shade comes available but since I found indie companies I haven't bought a single shade)