Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a quick lip swatch

I got my most recent Morgana Cryptoria order in it and I'm actually most excited about the lipstick!

If you saw my makeup you'd notice that I tend to mostly hoard eyeshadows but popping the cap off this lipstick I AM IN LURRRRVE!

The shade is called Rustic, it is discontinued now, so I guess this is more to just show you the wicked coolness of a colour that once was.

Hah, that sounded dorky. But seriously. This colour rocks.

It's a nice brown shade with GREEN SHIMMER! My camera didn't want to show it much but it's there. On the lip swatch, the part where the shimmer is white, WRONG! That's actually green, but flash ruins my life.

I wish all lipsticks in the world had something extra in it like this one did.

Then I started thinking of what lip colours I'd like to see one day and I got it!

Something close to MAC Gorgeous Gold, yellow gold with green iridescence. Yes. That would be magical. It doesn't even have to be yellow gold, maybe more of an orangey gold, (bronze I guess?) but amp it up with that green shimmer and BAM!


  1. Ooh, that's pretty! And your dream shade sounds pretty, too!

    I can't really wear orangey stuff- my skin is pretty neutral but it always shows up WAY orange on me.

    I have a purple lipstick from Maybelline (Madison Mauve) that has that green shimmer in it. It's not quite that intense, though...

    I was so ready to fall in love. Hard. But luckily saved myself from the heartbreak! ;P

    Super pretty. Thank you for sharing :D

  3. Really interesting and pretty color. It's almost like TKB Chameleon as a lipstick.

  4. I have this in a pot and I definitely don't wear it often enough! I have a major Morgana lipstick haul on it's way, I'm very excited :)

  5. Gorgeous! looks great on you :)Thanks for sharing ^_^

  6. Omg as soon as I saw the tube photo I was like OMG GREEN SHIMMER *flails*

  7. Such a nice color! And the shimmer on your lips looks green to me :)

  8. It is yummy! Too bad I only have a sample and no full size. I'm afraid to use it all up!

  9. Fffffff.....!!!!

    I meant to buy it because green shimmer in a lipstick makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but now I has sad ;_;

  10. Maybe if enough people are sad it's gone it'll come back! :D