Friday, November 26, 2010

Meow Sale continues!

It's so hard to stay on top of all these sales!

Meow Cosmetics has extended their 15% sale and free shipping (minimum $$ amount required) until Monday midnight EST.

Code: CatsEatTurkey

nomnomnom :)

I suggest you just go friggin nuts and buy a sample of everything Holiday/Winter/Christmastime related

I have:

Entire Glacial Grove collection
Almost entire Snowflakes collection (need 2 newbies, and didn't get one of the ones from last year)
10 of the Ghosts shades
7 Merry Mayhems
6 of the 12 Pains
and 1 Winter Spirit, Hot Toddy.

And I'm not talking samples either... I swatched all my samples last holiday time, and grabbed the jars I needed.

Hellz yeah I needed them!

This year I grabbed a sample of everything again. We shall see what number I end up with this time :)

Also! December 1st, next Wednesday we can order samples of the Sugarplums collection and the uber adorable looking Reindeer collection. But they aren't available until the 1st.

Happy shopping ladies and possible gents! :D


  1. I'm going to buy a lot of samples ! From all the holiday collections . They looking so gorgeous ! Me want ... yah !!

  2. I am anxious for the Reindeer collection to be out!! I was hoping to get samples of that one for my swatchfest. I hit three other new collections and got samples of everything - Holiday Wishes, Holiday XMas Stories, and XMas Rant - but really had hoped to also get Reindeer swatched. Ah well, c'est la vie..!

  3. The reindeer collection looks awesome! I think I want all jars but Rudolph eventually. Although I wouldn't feel complete without a Rudolph