Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical Collection

**updated with ordering links

Nope, you're not reading things wrong, there is another Aromaleigh collection!

They were mentioned on Kristen's blog along with some skin swatch pics, and drop-downs to order.

Right now vault shades are just $3.50 and for every 10 jars you buy, pick one shade free. Details on the blogio.

(images from Kristen's blog)

The shades I think looks the sweetest are: Perihelion, Binary, Dark Matter, Event Horizon, Celestial, Azimuth, Crescent, Milky Way, Heliosphere, and Fusion.

***The link to get the whole collection full size or sample size is right hereeee***

The black Friday sales wiped me out and I may be moving in the near future so I don't have much for spare change :(

It sucks, the first time in a long time I may not be able to buy a single friggin jar! Where's the damn money fairy when you need him!?!

I'll just have to play with my Mythos and pretend they are the Astronomical collection in my mind :D

Which reminds me, I have to get my ass in gear and start posting Mythos looks. I'm seeing loads of Spells and Wonderstruck but not many Mythos. To me that collection had the brighter more vivid shades of the 3 collections, whereas Spells was more Autumn toned and Wonderstruck was more soft and sweet tone if that makes sense. I'll get crackalackin!

Go now, release the hounds that is your bank account and buy what I cannot.

Kinda dramatic eh?

Oh hey look. My Canadian is showing.


  1. I just ordered the entire collection ... oh Damn ! Not good for my bankaccount .... but it's almost Christmas , time for some presents (for myself haha)

  2. lol, I buy christmas "me" presents too :D