Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I copycatted AGAIN! Version 2.0ish, Phyrra & Robyn

I've been wanting to try this look since the middle of October but I didn't have the right colours yet! The look I tried in it's place failed.

The look, SUPER AWESOME AROMALEIGH PINKNESS as done by Phyrra and Robyn. I think it was coincidence that they both used the same 2 main shades, but what a PRETTY COINCIDENCE!!

And here is my version using Aromaleigh's Wonderstruck collection

Lid: Hearts A' Plenty
Crease: Pass The Tarts
Browbone: Wonder-ous
Lower liner: Frumious
liner: Joe Fresh Felt Liner (5 people who are a part of Grey's wicked awesome international makeup swap will be getting one of these babies!)

Blow up those eyeball pictures to see the lower lashline in all it's shimmery rainbowy awesomeness. I didn't realize it was so effing magical until I took the pictures. My lighting is tuuuurible.

Hearts a' plenty, Pass the tarts, Wonder-ous, Frumious

Brushing your hair is for suckas

Food time now!!!


  1. Those colors are super pretty!!!
    Hahaha, eyeball shots. Cute (:

  2. Oh my gosh, that is a really pretty look! I LOVE it. And the hair is completely fine. I dub it "mid afternoon rough sex." Hahaha - jkjk!

  3. You look lovely! I like the color placement :)

  4. DUUUUUUDE this colour combo is HOT :D I see why you had to copy it!

  5. This is sooooooo pretty , Pass the tarts is awesome :D

  6. Lately everyone is making their eyes look like chocolate; in this case, I see a delicious cherry cordial :X
    I need to lay off the holiday candy.

  7. Very soft and pretty! I am going to try that myself!

  8. Ahhh!! I fell behind on my comments again :(
    Thanks ladies, but thank Phyrra and Robyn more lol, I might now have even thought of pairing them up, but glad I saw them :D
    @ladyinatophat lmao!!
    @ thecandiedmango, no, that just means you need MOAaarrrRRR!

  9. Aww this is gorgeous!!! Love your eyes!!

  10. GORGEOUS. Pink + red love you.

  11. I love this look, it is gorgeous!