Sunday, November 28, 2010

Selene Loves Wildflowers

I'm on a posting roll here baby!

As promised, I played with some Aromaleigh Mythos today!

I decided to also pair it up with the AL rocks rouge in Wildflower. I can see somebody is trying to find skin swatches of the shade according to my blog search stats :D
I can also see some people trying to find updates on the rant 4 the ugly forum. No I don't know what happened to it. Nor do I care. That was just a place started by bored and bitchy people, to attack others. If I'm going to attack people, I'll do it right here, no hiding and trying to be anonymous.

And with that out of my bitchy system, on to the look! :)

I used:
Lid: Selene
Crease: Phoebe
Above crease: Hyperion
Browbone: Damask (Thanks Marcey!!!!)
Lower liner: MAC Undercurrent
Upper liner: Joe black felt liner
Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara (I think I prefer this to the regular Glam'Eyez, brush isn't as flimsy flop-tacular or rounded)

Blush: Aromaleigh rocks sonic rouge in Wildflower
Cheek highlight: Claires baked "bronzer" that's not a bronzer but I <3 deeply.

Lips: Suds N Sass Hocus Pocus

Daylight attempt shot


Hocus Pocus

All glowy and junk :D


  1. Loooove the lip colour and the light greeny colour in the crease :)

  2. Yummy!

    Wildflower is a kick-ass blush!

  3. Very nice ! Selene is such a lovely color !

  4. Damask does make a great highlighter for you!! So glad you're able to use it.

  5. This is so pretty and soft! I love the eyes.

  6. This look is so pretty! I love Undercurrent. Seriously the most unique eyeliner I own. And I love that blush!

  7. Thanks ladies!! I need to plan another one with Mythos now! Zeus and Hades look like they could be fweeeends

    @Marcey I think I've even used it 3 times already :)

    @femputer Undercurrent is so cool, I wish MAC made the Pearlglides permanent. Have you tried Black Line?

  8. These colors are beautiful on you. Very soft and mermaid-y. I like the Wildflower cheek too. Have you ever tried AL's Sinisterrouge? I think it would look fabulous on you.