Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glittersniffer links of Awesome

**added 1 more link

If anyone is curious about the Glittersniffer scamaramma here be some links to check out.

GlitterSniffer Complaints
Glittersniffer Cosmetics Scam Report
Paypal Forum
A facebook user's reason for no longer supporting GS along with uber comments from other previous customers.
Phyrra's Experience
Rebecca's Experience
Dominique's Experience
**Youtubers start to question Glittersniffer
And last but not least, some screen caps of junk cuz I like 'em.

**Images were re-posted with faces and names blurred because half of them got removed. I thought it was funny that the 2nd part of the "Statement" got removed because I underlined the part where she mentions not having a business license, but when I first posted the 2nd part of the statement along with all the replies, that one is still up there. (Wow, how's that for bad English. I suck at explaining, you know me :)

No worries though, it just made me more determined and I posted a couple others just for wasting my time. Vegan brush "torn" decision, buy shadows "at own risk", mentioning that she "knew the ingredients weren't eyesafe" (I underlined that one too, there is a blogger out there who was "Assured Lela did not know") blahbiddyblah.

Also, the images were pulled off facebook, privacy is already invaded when you post on something the world can see anyways. Or was able to before Lela deleted that post to make it look all new and shiny and drama free again...

I am sharing because consumers have a right to their safety. I'm tired of people thinking they can make a quick buck and throwing a bunch of shit together in a pot without proper KNOWLEDGE, at the risk of people's eye safety.
And then KNOWING DAMN WELL things are questionable and DOING IT ANYWAY.
People like that do not deserve second chances, or 3rd, or 8.

Not everyone remembers to google a company before giving them a shot so I'm sure there are people out there who have bought from GS and still have no idea what's going on.

The "little girls" kits are on that list of recalls!

Just sick. Feel free to yoink away at my photobucket images and share. I don't mind.

Anyways don't like what I'm posting, don't click. EASY PEASY, NOW GIMMIE PIE!

But first, a picture of my aunty's piano lookin' all Christmassy and stuff. A nice, calming picture :D


  1. I got some anon's after me about blurring names when I put up some facebook pictures. I eventually did, but you are right in that they spoke in a public forum.

  2. I honestly can't believe this sheeple! Lela keeps listing examples where she knowingly does this and does that, how can anyone trust her after that? I'm glad to have never shopped from her but I just feel bad for all the people that still have faith in her.

  3. I don't believe you should blur photos even if you get complaints - public page, their fault for posting. There is no point in "protecting" names when they exploited themselves to begin with. Literally, to be blunt, fuck the weak.

    Yay for bravery on your part and yay for your Aunt's piano!

  4. uuuugh I have 3 shadows from them, and some solid perfumes... Ick. I've been feeling awful about em for a long time. Nice to see a comprehensive list of suckage.

  5. Thanks for the link. I may snag those Facebook/Paypal links for another "Others Experiences" post. I also edited a post to include your shiny new screen shots. You're the best!

  6. Thanks for compiling this list. I've been trying to update my post on the drama, too. I just can't believe all the comments coming in. The charity fraud sickens me as much as marketing to kids with soap dyes!

  7. Oh, can you reupload the replies to the statement please? And can you email me the pictures? You can watermark them and everything, and if I ever use them I'll give credit of course.

    eplefe [at] gmail [dot] com


  8. This is so bad, on one hand I want to stop reading about the drama because it just makes me sick and/or slam my head against a table, but it's so juicy and I want to see what happens!