Wednesday, December 1, 2010

OHWTO Awesomeness


I won a giveaway from One Hand Washes the Other! The contest was, show your love for OHWTO. I love the solid perfumes, so they were my MUUUUUUSE:

And then Becca used a randomizer to pick el winner, and 'twas me :)

The box came with so many goodies, it felt like Christmas came 3 weeks early. That's right folks, you only have like 3 weeks left to go broke. My shopping is now complete! woooo! score one for me! Next year I'll probably finish on boxing day hehehehhh.


Okay mean voice in head.

I got:
Eco Tools 5 piece complexion kit
Eco Tools exfoliating foot sponge
L'Oreal Seeing Spots dotting tool for nail art
Kyoot Birdy Coasters
Aromaleigh Got Dibs eyeshadow
Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy palette
and for the handmade goodies:
Rainbow Moonstone sterling silver earrings from White Flag Designs
Cloud 9 soap from Mad Hatter Soap co.
3 solid perfumes:
Blackberry Sage Tea
3 lip butters:
Spiced Pumpkin
Green Tea
Maple Blueberry
and last but not least, the wicked little coffin filled with mini perfume oils of the halloween collection!! Including a mini Sugar Skulls!

WOWZAS!!! The box of goodies really cheered me up. It's like Becca is in my brain because I love everything!

And I wore the Maple Blueberry lip butter all day at work. It was like lip crack. I kept putting it on because it smelled so good. Like a room full of pancakes covered in maple and blueberry syrups. DELICIOUS!

In the box was also my latest order I placed (see? I AM addicted!) so there was a solid perfume tin of Mayan Gold for mah momma and 3 perfume oils in Desolation Angel, Fevrier, and Lost at Sea. You need all of these. This is going to sound corny as hell but Fevrier made me tear up when I first smelled it (I had it first in solid form.)

It reminds me of being 12 again, at home in my purple room, with glow in the dark stars on Christmas, playing with my holo shards nail polish (those sharp as hell rectangle glitter chunks like Sephora's Sparkle Me Silver top coat, only $9 LESS!), looking at my new tapes. Spice Girls Spiceworld if you want more detail lol. And the Hanson Christmas tape, but I try to pretend that didn't happen. It's weird how 1 certain scent can bring back this memory. The scent memory is, that Christmas I also got 2 Wet N Wild lip glosses, pink was supposed to be Bubblegum and the blue one was supposed to be Blueberry. I guess they sort of smelled like their names, but I loved them even more that they didn't totally if that makes sense. The Blueberry one is one of my favourite smells ever. I still have it just to smell it. Half gone and hasn't been used in probably 10 years but it still smells the same. And Fevrier smells almost exactly like that lip gloss. It reminds me of winter so the name totally suits it even if it's not called "wet n wild blueberry lip gloss" :)
If Becca makes this in lotion form, it is so BOUGHT!

I could go on some more but I must go to sleepy land now.
Nighty night!




  1. Awesome! I'm expecting a package from OHWTO and I should get it tomorrow or the next day because it arrived in Jacksonville, FL today. I'm so excited! Can't wait to try out the colored lip butters I ordered!

  2. Hi KM! I'm glad you won. Enjoy! I want to ask/tell you something in private. I don't see a link here for me to contact you, so this is the only idea I could think of. Would you mind contacting me? I believe you can see my email address; I hope I'm right about that.


  3. omgwhut, that's an amazing prize!

  4. What a huge giveaway ! Congrats lovely ;)

  5. Wow! These prizes are so awesome! I love the coffin of perfume oils and those earrings are GAWJUSS! Fabbyoo win! xx

  6. :D Thanks ladies! This little coffin is totally going on my end table :)

    @thebirdofparadise I can't find your email :( Mine is jaicea_blade at hotmail dotcom

  7. I am supah supah jealous. With all this OHWTO talk, I might need to check out their etsy store after the holiday season is over! :D

  8. Wow! Great prize! That would have been so much fun to open!

  9. I love Becca, she's honestly one of the nicest people I've met. Her products are so damn good too, I can't put them down! Coven has become my #1 favorite scent, her shit is really addicting. Did you pick anything up from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales?

  10. Holy shitttt so many pretties! Congrats bb :D

  11. :D Spanx!

    @Amy I did not :( I spent a load on Sugarpill and Morgana lippies so I was already feeling loads of guilt so I pretended it wasn't going on lol

  12. Aw Mindy I loved that story :) It's great how scents can bring up memories like that. I had this awesome Christmas cd that had Spice Girls AND Hanson on it :D

  13. :D You can tell our slight age difference lol, I had tapes until I was 12 and you had cds LUCKY GIRLY! I still have my tapes somewhere :) Can't throw memories away!
    Was it actual spice girl christmas songs? I never did get through the whole hanson xmas tape lmao

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