Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swatches? Anyboddeh?

I'm bored. I haven't worn makeup in a few days so I have no purdy EOTD's to show. And I go on vacation Saturday so I thought of an idea!

I'll swatch stuff! Nothing in this post, I wanna know what shade you've been itching to see.

Just name it and if it's Aromaleigh, I probably have it. Same goes for Meow :D It'll give me a reason to go digging through my samples!

Let me know in the comments and I'll do what I can and post them tomorrow night.



  1. how about doing swatches by colour group rather than maker? I always enjoy seeing comparisons of various colours/shades.

  2. Mmmm, I don't have any particular colors I need to see, but I would love to see swatches of some sort.

    You like crime shows; have you ever seen Psych?

  3. ^^^ I second that! I'd like to see a group of greens and reds. :)

  4. Do you have any from the Meow "Spirits" collection? I've been trying for days to find swatches of those!

  5. @Zillah and femputer, I could probably do ones like that in the new year. I go on holidays saturday and my makeup is kinda scattered everywhere but if I know an exact shade I could try to zero in on that sucka :D

    @miss mango, I has not! I looked for in on our online tv guide and I don't think we get it here :( Or I have shit for channels. That's probably true, I don't pay for it lol

    @Amy I only have "Hot Toddy" I can swatch for you. Last year I grabbed samples of every xmas collection except the Spirits one in an attempt to save money :s

  6. @amy - I found this,
    it's not the best representation, they're much richer and plusher. I have a couple I'll try and get them swatched. I think maybe they don't photograph well?

  7. Mindy- Haha yeah, I think most people have just been skipping them since they kinda seem "blah" compared to the other holiday collections.
    Zillah- That'd be awesome! What's your blog link btw? I don't see it on your profile...

  8. Meow Egyptian Treasures! Even if you've already swatched them. Do you have Xmas Rants?

    I dare you to swatch your entire Aromaleigh collection :P

  9. lol u ebil lady u. I have samples of the rants. I haven't swatched them sooner cuz I'm sad I can't really get jars this xmas :( Stupid holidays and buying stuff for others and not me :((((
    I'll do my egyptian treasures in the new year then :D Metallic-y goodness! And HELLZ NO WOMAN! hahahah, I don't have enough primer even though I just opened a fresh one lol

  10. @Amy - i'm too lazy to do my own blog. Also my swatch-fu sucks. Here's a pic, showing (l-r)
    shiraz, rose, pinot noir, zinfandel, chablis, hot toddy