Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical part I


I have some swatches fer ya :)

Kristen of Aromaleigh awesomeness kindly sent me a sample set of Astronomical to swatch for you!

PLEASE NOTE, If you are able to order, DO IT NOW.

Aromaleigh will be CLOSED December 13th. Please read this for more info

I didn't pay attention to many people's own descriptions so these are all fresh out of my eyeballs.

Out of these 9, I think all 9 are definitely "jar worthy" They are all so pretty, I can see myself using them a lot.

This group has:

Crescent:Beautiful yellow with blue sparkles!

Milky Way: I love this colour so much my brain hurts in trying to describe it for you. It's a creamy nude shade with rainbow iridescence to it with maybe a slight green irridescence also?

Perihelion: So packed with sparkle and shine! It's like if May Lily and Milky Way had a love child with the sparkliness of Pixie Cup, Perihelion is born.

Binary: A pale yellowy green with a lovely blue sheen and teeny pink sparks.

Heliosphere: I <3 u. Golden taupe with RED SPARKLES! Fuck.yes.

Nadir: warm rosey pink with rainbow iridescence and pink sparks.

Event Horizon: Other than being a terrifying movie, it's also the name of this lovely shade! It looks like a medium mint with (it's either gold or green) sheen to it (hell maybe both, so hard to tell, I don't have magic all seeing eye sadleh) and that purdy rainbow iridescence.

Celestial: Very fun pale pink, gold sparkles and more wicked awesome iridescent goodness.

Fusion: Glorious green! Possible lime? with pretty green sparkles

Now, LOOK! I tried to get a blurry one to show the uber sparkle shot but my camera decided it didn't feel like blurring this time. THANKS FO NOTHIN' CAMERA!

Row 1: Crescent, Milky Way, Perihelion
Row 2: Binary, Heliosphere, Nadir
Row 3: Event Horizon, Celstial, Fusion

Sorry for the non-croppedness again. Soon grasshoppers, soon. And also, sorry they all kinda look the same. Some shade's sparkles looked better in others etc.
Click them to make the hugemongous and see all that shimmery detail.

Off to swatch set 2



    That is all XD

  2. Very pretty swatches ! The colors are so nice from this collection. Today i recieved my full size set of Astronomical. I'll try to make some productphoto's of these ... but it will take some time , haha.

  3. Fusion and Binary are my favorites of this collection. I even ordered back-up jars! :)