Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aromaleigh Astronomical part II

There will be one more post to finish them off. I would have crammed them all into 1 but I don't wanna crash computers with like 30 pictures trying to load :s
And this is easier for me to keep it sorted.
AND! I can only do 9 at a time because I can only use the back of my hand right now. My stupid arm looks terrible. Good old warehouse abuse and some awesome dryness taking place with our new work heater system going. Yay dry air and nosebleeds!

On to awesomeness.

This group has:
Row 1: Umbra, Azimuth, Antimatter
Row 2: Blueshift, Ephemeris, Wavelength
Row 3: Magellanic, Nautrino, Dark Matter

Umbra: a greyish purple with a violet sheen and pretty iridescence

Azimuth: SO UNIQUE! A soft greyish green with a wicked blue sheen. Or green? Or bluey-green? Either way, it's MAGICAL!

Antimatter: Not your average shimmery grey. This one has pink and purple sparkles.

Blueshift: A blue-y grey (are you sick of me saying grey yet? :) with the rainbow iridescence and pink and copper sparkles I do believe I see

Ephemeris: Holy crap this one is pretty and I'm really sad I won't be able to show you an accurate picture just because my camera isn't fantastic and shimmery sparkleness does not compute. Just take my word for it. I think it could be classified as a taupe?

Wavelength: blue with silver sparkle. I'm not sure what shade of blue it would be called though.

These next 3 my head said "meh browns, whatever." but it shut up when I swatched them. These 3 also make me sad my picture taking skills aren't made of magic because I think these should be owned by everyone. Hell, the first 2 would make some really pretty eyebrows!

Magellanic: a maybe slightly rosey brown? With green sparks and that lovely iridescsnce I <3 so much.

Neutrino: cocoa brown with all sorts of sparkles, I think I see blue and green and copper

Dark Matter: Metallic brown with copper sparks and BLUE SPARKLES! And I think I see pink sparkles in there too. And gold. It really is a special shade. Go buy it. You'll thank yourself. Even if you hate browns.

And for my pictures, none of these are matte, my damn camera needs to be grounded :(

The shade by itself is dark matter. Click on it. The dark specs at the top right are the blue sparkles!


  1. I can't wait for my package to get here! I ordered on Saturday, surely it'll get here at least next week.

  2. Lovely swatches!

    Nose advice - get Boroleum ointment. Haven't had a winter nosebleed in years, I SWEAR by this stuff!

  3. Awwh these are all so pretty and soft. I love the name 'Dark Matter' XD