Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lovenote from a Fairy and and JOY!


Yup, 2 "and"s. 'Twas a typo. But I'm keeping it. Cuz I rock. And roll.

I have 2 EOTD's but can't totally remember what I used! Possibly, we'll see if my memory kicks in as I type this.

Number 1! Here is what I wore on Sunday. I was going into a MAC store to get foundation and tried my best to look un-dumpy. They seem to frown on you if you resemble any dumpyness. :D

I think I used:


Lid: Meow Cosmetics Joy (LOVE IT! Need full size!)
Crease: The dark purple in the Wet N Wild Sugar Plums ltd palette
Browbone: AL Matte Peach. I saw Nea's trick for blending and wanted to give it a go.
On top of Peach was either Silk Naturals Sprite or a creamy slightly sparkly shade from a company that is no more.
Lower lashline: Physicians Formula gel liner, the coppery one for brunettes in the glam shimmer whateveritwascallednewcollection.
Mascara: Physicians Formula Glam collection for Hazel Eyes (the metallic bronze)

Number 2!

Also an attempt to not look dumpy. I was going into a new Burberry store. My dude has been asking for a Burberry trenchcoat for a few years now and since we moved to Winnipeg July '08 and paid the entire rent for 2 years I decided FINE! He can have the damn coat! (hah! It won't let me copy the image. I could print-screen but I don't want them kicking my ass or breaking down my door and setting the effing coat on fire)
I'm not rich. I didn't go to secondary school, I work in a dirty ass warehouse so I will be paying this off for a few months. But if I take my makeup inventory into account, I've probably spent the same $$ amount on adieu Aromaleigh orders so I just have to limit my makeup buying for a bit that's all! hahah yeaaahhhh, easier said than done.

So ze look! Aromaleigh!

I used:


Lid: Lovenote
Crease: Fairy
Attempt to darken crease: Meow's Illegal in 50 States
Browbone and inner corner: Meow's Chameleon glow powder
Liner: Joe Fresh black felt eyeliner

My lining skills blow I know :( It's the damn pen. There is no give to that sucker for the winging part so it just tugs and looks like junk. The more I fuss, the shittier it looks.


Here's a teeny video I took of my brother's kitteh. His name is Sober. He is a boy kitty with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls motor functions, isn't completely formed so he is a wobbly little kitty. He isn't in any pain, just a little disoriented. :)

The video starts off dark but I eventually clue in and turn the light on.

After trying twice the video may not play. Blogger is being a pain in the ass so here's a shot of the adorable lil guy anyways :D

Also, dramatastic right now on the Glittersniffer fanpage. Or kinda. Stuff keeps getting deleted. And now a new page was made. Somewhere. I think I got blocked from it for mentioning the 80's collection being soap dyes and re-packs from recent history and not from "when she first started the company" as she claimed.
Yeah I'm kinda poking the bear right now. I don't fuggin' currr, this is my blog and if I wanna talk random shite I shall :)

Someone may see this as "inciting drama" but I sure as hell would want to know about some sketchy ass company before I decided to shop there (lime crime anyone? yeah, wish I did my reasearch there)


Happy Christmas EVE!!!! Wooo!!! 1 more day til awesomeness!


  1. Bwahaha glittersniffer crap.
    Kitty cat iz adorable!
    And I love how warm and enticing your look is! I need some neutrals ASAP! D:

    Merry Christmas eve to you too (:

  2. Love the Kitteh! Both looks are cute but I especially love the top. And yeah I'm sure they think I'm inciting drama too.

  3. I love the kitteh too ... so adorable !!!
    Very nice looks , love it :D , Merry Christmas eve to you too !!! XoXo

  4. Love both of the looks! The crease looks awesome in the first look! And love the liner in your second look!

  5. lmao, I love the little, wah wah wahhh at the end there. XD I have actually spent hours and hours watching videos and finding out as much as I could about Cerebellar Hypoplasia. It seriously makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time, I know they are in no pain but I still feel so bad for them, because I know that people will put them down if they don't know any better :( Yay for your brother being awesome and taking one of these little guys in!

    Also, it keeps getting worse for Glittersniffer, everytime I think she's finally stopped digging her hole, she digs deeper. That 'apology' statement really put a lot of the blame onto the customers, so I just don't trust it. Not only that, I feel incredibly disgusted by the fact that almost ALL of her pinks were made with unsafe ingredients, makes me sick.

  6. Love both looks - they just go so well with your brown eyes!! Also love the kitty!
    BTW, your package will be sent in January - I moved without having time to find all the shadows. Enjoy your Christmas with the chinooks

  7. The first look is my fav! Aw, cute kitties! Wobbly and adorable. :-)

    I had no idea of the drama with Glittersniffer...but sounds totally like the Lime Crime crap. When will people learn that customers are smart and do their research? They will find out if you are being sneaky and they will tell everyone they can about it.
    Keep up what you are doing woman!

    Happy 2 days after Christmas! :-P

  8. Kittehhhhhhhh ^_____^ also, why does everything look so pretty with your brown eyeballs! NOT FAIR :O

    Ew @ the GSC drama. Someone said to Emily from Concrete Minerals that they were 'unliking' her page just for asking about it, saying that she was inciting public drama. SO stupid.