Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Swatchmas


Here are ze swatches I did tonight. Femputer wanted greens and reds and Amy wanted to see Meow's Spirits collection, but I only have the one so I swatched that badboy. When I saw the holiday collections, the Spirits one just didn't appeal to me. Too many dark neutrals it seemed. But this year Meow re-vamped the swatch chart and I think I may give it a second chance.


I love this lil combo on my hand! I needed some cheer because I just came from the insane mall and I gotta tell ya, I do NOT feel festive. Just damn annoyed that I couldn't eat dinner there, too packed, and then had to walk home and didn't have a toque or gloves on me, just my scarf. Way to win at winter, me.

So here are my pretties. All are Meow Cosmetics minus 1 Aromaleigh shade. Most are Christmas collections minus the 2 Egyptian Treasures and the 1 Shattered Equinox (and the AL one of course)

Also keep in mind these were from the holiday 2009 version. Just in case there are any slight differences. One of my halloween shades was slightly different from the year before, that's the only reason I mention this.

Top row: Hot Toddy, AL Nasturtium, Jingle
2nd row: Tutankhamun, Elf, Jangle
3rd row: Grinch, Miw, Deranged

Hot Toddy didn't look red to me at all but when I swatched the reds, it kinda picked it up somehow. Looking at it now, it would look pretty sweet for a lid shade with Tutankhamun or Jingle in the crease.

Nasturtium is a nice, bright red. I grabbed a 2nd jar to give to my mom for Christmas. Yes, my mom would rock red.

Jingle is a deep wine red. The site doesn't mention this, but it has some green sparkles in it! Green and silver sparkles. That's what made me grab it so fast last year. I love the contrast.

Tutankhamun. Yay!! I finally learned how to spell it! Tu-TANK-Hamun like human but backwards! Go me! A wicked metallic blackend red.

Elf, a kick ass dark forest green with pink sparkles. It looks awesome in the jar. So sparkly!

Jangle, I'll admit, I only bought this so it could go with Jingle. JINGLE JANGLE!! Super shimmery green.

Grinch is a lovely medium acid green with a golden sheen to it and some silver sparkles.

Miw is also from the Egyptian Treasures. No sparkles, pure metal goodness.

Deranged is one of my newbies from Shattered Equinox. A deep forest green with some fine golden sparkle to it.

Click and click again to bigify them all

blurry cuz that's how I roll

Hope you like em! :)


  1. That AL one is gorgeous! I'm loving reds right now.

  2. Love Miw, my kinda green right there!

  3. these look pigmented :) thanks for the swatch

  4. That chartreuse on the bottom (Miw?) NEEDS TO GET IN MY STASH RIGHT NOW :O

    Also LOL @ your Tutankhamun thing XD you should teach a language class, you'd come up with the most random mnemonics ever haha

  5. Miw and Ra are amaaaazing. I want full-sizes. I was planning on taking advantage of their free international shipping on $50 orders but Christmas is leaving me WAY BROKE.

  6. Wow, these all look so awesome. Thank you!

  7. Jangle looks awesome! Love the swatches!

  8. Nasturtium, omg. I love that you bought it for your mum!

  9. Oh I love all these colors!! I really love all the loose powders everyones coming out with now adays!!!

  10. Thank you! Hmm, that color does look pretty. I was mainly looking to see how the updated Meow pics translated to swatches, so even if you did only one it still gives me a good idea. :D