Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mmmm CANDY!

CANDEH!! Being half Dutch, I always get excited when we go to Dutch or German shops because they have the good stuff, JUNK FOOD! This is the stuff I grew up on.

All this, including the big jar of cream was less than $40, it shocked the hell out of me. I totally expected more for imported awesomeness.

A lot of cookies I just call Dutch gingerbread. It doesn't taste anything like the stuff you make houses out of. It has cinnamon, allspice, ginger, nutmeg and cloves and it's squishy, not rock hard. Except for the ones in the little red bag front centre. They are more like little gingersnaps. NOMZ!

And the "Candy Cake" isn't a cake made of candy but it is Dutch breakfast cake/bread with chunky burnt sugar on top. We eat this with butter or margarine. Sounds nasty, I know, but it's GUD!

And saying that I just realized I forgot to buy some more chocolate spread :(

It's the european version of Nutella, minus the hazelnuts. Pure chocolatey goodness.

The 2 packages on top of the candy cake are STROOPIES!!! They are like wafer cookies with a buttery caramel layer in the middle.

Just thought I'd share my junk food :)


  1. Oh my god. This post is made of some serious win. I need to find a Dutch/German supermarket right NAO.

  2. Hahaha, me and my mom found a love for foreign foods while we were living in Germany (military). But I really am not hugely fond of the candy, but the baked goods!! Omg, fresh bread everyday is like heaven, and turnovers and croissants, mmm. :D That cake/bread sounds the most appealing to me :3

  3. I adore "Candy Cake" ! In dutch we call it "peperkoek" :) , we eat it with margarine indeed , i eat it with honey because i don't like margarine :)

  4. WTF ARE STROOPIES?! I want one! And I absolutley love, love, love, love the squishy gingerbreads - are they called pfeffernusse or something like that? And you can get them with a really thin layer of icing on? Omnomnom!

  5. OMG it all sounds so noms! The closest I get to this is that Daim chocolate that they sell at IKEA XD

  6. @Ladyinatophat
    YOU DO!! They always smell good inside too lol

    @Nerdy Girl LUCKY!! I can't remember the last time I had fresh baked anything!

    @Luna I wish I had honey now! I've only tried it with margerine and evrybody thinks I'm gross lol.

    @Robyn THEY ARE HEAVEN! Waffle cookie thingys with some kind of buttery caramel stuff in the middle. Probably very bad for you but NOMS

    @Silhouette, I grabbed a huge bag of those from Ikea!!! We don't have one in Winnipeg so I had to buy them in Calgary lol