Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saved my baby!!!! :)

After seeing all the advice from my last post and advice tweeted to me I decided the plan to get rid of this virus bitch was to:

a) start up smart mode so the stupid pop up telling my to buy anti-virus would fuck off already. I'm pretty sure it just wanted to trick me into giving my banking information since I couldn't get onto the internet, yet conveniently could get to this anti-virus page.
b) throw all I could onto my 2 usb drives
c) send them to my mister's macbook
d) and throw them on to my external hardrive for the macbook. This took FOREVER! 2 hrs I think. The USBs would get too full even after deleting the stuff, I had to
e) reformat them and load them up all over again.

I think I ended up moving 8GB of pictures :/

Then I said fuck this noise and reformatted the whole thing. No more bookmarks, games (buh bye my glorious mansions and apartments built for my Sims) no more sticky note song list (I never did load microsoft office and lost the install disc so sticky note was the only thing I could mark stuff down on to keep track of junk, like when packages arrive) but most importantly, NO MORE VIRUS!!!


In total 33GB were cleaned up.

And it kind of happened at the perfect time for a shitty thing like this to happen. I'm going home for Christmas and I need to borrow my mom's Corel paint shop to re-install. I've used it to crop my stuff all year, so I feel kind of lost without it :(

So thank you everyboddeh for helping me! As soon as I figure out how to crop stuff normally I'll show ya my Xmas party makeups. And my Meow samples arrived yesterday so I should swatch some of them too for you.
bye bye now!


  1. That sucks. Something like that happened to my dad's computer and I thought it was all my fault. Turned out his antivirus just went out of date and never notified him.

  2. I'm glad you saved it. Hey, have you ever tried Picasa for editing pics? It's really simple and it can't do everything that, say, Photoshop could do, but I can't live without it now! It makes Photoshop feel like a clunky old dinosaur that takes forever to do the simplest of things. You might like it! It does text on pics really well too.

  3. Here's what you can think about

    I know I sound like a commercial but it won't cause panic like you went through. It backs up your stuff, off site, every night. Less than 15 cents a day! I feel so much better about using these. Especially when I had a 'computer guy' have his wife tell him to dump everything on my computer. I asked them to come back another time (I just wanted to get them out of my house!) Got a professional computer guy who knew exactly what to do to fix it. And I didn't lose a thing! I would have with the pseudo-computer guy if he would have listened to his wife that was just tired of hanging out.

    Carbonite, sister!! Check it out!

  4. I'm glad you got it fixed.

    I'll second Kimberly's Carbonite suggestion - and they now support MAC!!! (Must've been all my emails begging them to!)

  5. That was a a lot of work but glad you got it fixed!

  6. I'm glad you fixed it bb! And I second femputer's Picasa recommendation :)

  7. Huzzah for the fixingk! It's a bummer that it happened to begin with, but at least it ended happily... sort of.