Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rainbow Cut Crease

You like rainbows?

You like cut creases?

You like caramel apples?

Okay well in this post there is a kind of rainbow, a half assed cut crease and I already ate the caramel apple.


A looooooooong time ago I bought 50 Detrivore Cosmetics samples off eBay. It was a pack of her first 50 shades which was pretty sweet! I can't remember what I paid but it wasn't much and the baggies have more in them than any other samples I've had which makes them extra awesome.

As I was looking them all over I decided RAINBOW! Vaccine is such a fun bright yellow I thought it would look awesome next to a bright pink and topping it off with a teal. To make the teal super duper I added a cool mustardy shade to blend it upwards. Yes. I said super duper. CUZ IT WAS!

I used:

Inner half lid: Vaccine
Outer half: Sexualis
Crease: Brine
Upper crease: Vile
Browbone: Swine
Lower lashline inner 3rd: Gorgon
Lower Lashline Outer 2/3rds: Dagon
Physician's Formula gel liner


It's been awhile since I've browsed the site but right now what interests me the most is the Graveyard collection: (which has colours I'm not usually into but they look so soft and pretty!)
And the mattes
AND THIS PINK If it's anything like MAC's Cool Pink, I'll need a tub of it.

I tried to link those up but blogger is screwing up again. I manually typed in the codes but my preview showed up blank so no winning today!

Vaccine (the sweet ass yellow) is only available for a little while until it sells out so get it here while you can:

Highlight shades are only $3 and the mattes are just $4. I kind of feel like a jackass for not having full sizes yet but I'll get there :)



  1. FRAK. This is the most crazy awesome thing ever, and my favourite look that you've ever done. *humps*

  2. I like so much this look, it is rich of fantasy!!

  3. Look how perfect your cut crease is! You're amazing. I love all the bright colours. Totally awesome look.

  4. to reply your questions:
    and heck, this is maybe the best i've seen on you! you should go for rainbows everyday!!! me like!
    and let's shake hands of how good eBay is, and never stop shopping from the bay of endlessly good make up!!!/Azure

  5. It's my favorite look you've ever done too! AMAZING!! Thanks to the 10 for $20 sales...I have more Detrivore than I even know what to do with!

  6. OMG I need to dupe this! This is so awesome, I love the color placements. You couldn't have done this any better. Detrivore is totally amazing too!

  7. WOW this is awesome ! Perfect cut crease and love this rainbowlook on you !

  8. This looks amazing! Everything is in the exact right place, and these bright colors suit your dark eyes very well :)

  9. Thanks everybody! I'm happy so many people liked it!!

  10. SO PRETTY!!! I just love the colors.

  11. Awesome!! I love a good cut crease! I also love a good rainbow! YAY!