Friday, August 6, 2010

Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray

Re-posting because I forgot to include pics of the bottle I was not too fond of looking at and because it's called Setting spray and not Finishing spray. Way to fail, me.

.:~*~:._.:~*~Step 1, voteth for moi s'il vous plait! :) and everyday for the next 3ish days!~*~:._.:~*~:.

On to business!

My face still thinks it's 14 so it is a mega oil slick most days with the humidity and heat, even with powder applied in the mornings. Next month I'm going to be doing the makeup for my cousin's wedding in Las Vegas and I know it's a desert so my first thought is OH NOES! How am I going to keep up all not shiny (in smokey eyes, no less) in a friggin desert if I can't keep me not shiny in CANADA!?

Browsing Sephora I saw Urban Decay has an "All Nighter" setting spray.
I assume because it has "All-Nighter" in the name my makeup should look as wonderful as it did when I first put it on. Otherwise they should just call it Urban Decay Makeup Mist or something else boring but to the point.

The first thing I notice is the price. $29 US/ $38ish with tax CDN. It should turn random objects into gold for that price. But I still wanted to give it a go. I saw some people complain that MAC's Fix + is just expensive water with vitamins added into it and that UD's spray actually has things in it to stop moisture from popping out (yep, that is MY SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS!) so UD won in my favour to be bought first.

The second thing I notice is the bottle. DO NOT WANT. To me, I think it's ugly graphics and all. It reminds me of one of those late night movies made in the early 90's with saxaphones a blarin'. Ick. But still, if it's the magic it claims to be, I can look past teh uglies.

It claims to keep your makeup "just-applied" looking for 16 hours.

uhhh, sure. I don't see this happening.

I used my MSCHIC Face Canvas primer before my foundation. Here is my skin before the spray.

Here is my skin after the spray (looks a tad bit shiny but it was completely dry and it did even everything out nicely to my eyes) after thinking about this, I do not like the "tad bit shiny" part either. Sure to some it means you look glowy, however, glowy to me just means sweat. Unless I'm only glowy on my cheeks, that's all the glow I want. K, I'll stop saying slow now.

And after a trip to the mall, here is just 4 hours later:

What the hell!

I even bought the De-Slick in a Tube with the hopes of calming my skin with the double teaming action happening, but nope. It made it a tad less shiny after a few hours but my Fyrinnae Silica Gel does the same thing, and that one doesn't make it feel like I'm wiping paste on my face and I don't have to work my ass off for hours in order to afford it! So yeahhhh not too fond of the De-Slick in a Tube as well. If something is going to cost so much, it should hold up longer than 4 hours and not be the the same size as a mini hand lotion.

Maybe if you had normal skin these could work wonders. For me, it just pissed me off. I will not be buying either product again. They cost way too much to only work half assed.
Oily skinned ladies, maybe see if you can some how sample before diving in and getting the whole thing.

This is good for if you over powdered your face and want it looking more natural, but don't expect it to make it stay looking wonderful, you'll still need your blotting papers. I still think distilled water will do the same trick and $40 less...

It currently only has a 3.5 rating on MakeupAlley

I'm keeping both in the hopes of them keeping my cousin shine-free for her wedding.

You can buy it here if you want to test for yourselves.


  1. thats because mac fix plus is a setting spray not a finishing spray. Your suppose to first use a finishing spray to set your makeup and a finishing spray holds it on all day, but you need the two products together to work.

  2. What you bought is a finishing spray, if you buy something like this too your makeup will last all day in the hot weather. :)

  3. sorry.. i meant was, what you bought is a setting spray**

  4. Oh wtf :( I think I'll stick with my Fix+, even though I dont think it does anything but make me look less dead after powdering :X

  5. And I'm so confused over the differences between a setting and finishing spray. :(