Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Thanks to everyone who let me rant that other post. I actually kept my cool most of the day and spaced out a lot, to not focus on the stuff that pissed me off.

I'm sure that's not healthy and all, ya know, burying feelings for them to blast out at a later date. Poor person in my path that day!

On to something sparkly!

Spacing out is the theme so Aromaleigh's Astronomical collection came in handy today!

It was more sparkly in reality but cameras suck. Well, mine does anyway.

I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy just on lid
Lid: Azimuth
Outter 3rd of lid and crease: Dark Matter
Inner crease: Heliospere
Lower lashline: Neutrino
Browbone: Milky Way
Liner: Joe Fresh black felt liner

The only thing I wish there was in this collection, is an Andromeda shadow. 1. It's a kick ass name, 2. It's our palsy walsy galaxy! Watching the Universe, I learned Andromeda moves toward the Milky Way and one day they could combine and make a whole new purdy galaxy. Of course we won't see it in our lifetime but it's kinda cool to think that if humans exist in that time, their constellations will be completely different than ours. I wonder what they'd see!

For future humans billions of years from now, pending we don't extinct ourselves before then, THIS LOOK'S FOR YOU! :)

Make it so.


  1. It's an awesome look. love it!
    and *hug* about the rant

  2. Who knew that neutrals could look so amazing? I wish I could've afforded the entire Astronomical collection! I managed to grab 6 colors, though!

    Hey, dude, rants are pretty much all I do. So no judgements here. I hope things get better and you don't have to bury your feelings anymore! that's never healthy, I should know.

  3. lovely look! and congrats for 300 followers :)

  4. Wow! Those shades are so pretty looking! I love the look of Azimuth the most. Beautiful!

  5. Thank you Phyrra! You are awesome :) But you probably know that already :D

    @dull_flame That's what I was thinking! I usually go "GROSS NEUTRALS!" but Kristen packed so much shiny in these, I even like the browns lol. Which 6 did you grab?

    @Robyn It is friggin fantastic, do you have this one? Golden goodness!

    @Melly Thank you!!! I can't believe 300 read my ramblings!! :)

    @VanGlorySinner Thank you! :) Azimuth is one of my favourites from this collection. It looks grey in the bag but the blue overtakes it, making it look like a shiny blue shadow. I love it!

  6. @kittenmittens I got Binary, Dark Matter, Apogee, Megaparsec, Neutrino, and Pulsar. I think my favorites are Dark Matter and Pulsar.

  7. :O Those 2 together remind me of peanut butter cups! If I wake up early enough tomorrow, I'm totally using those colours!
    I LOVE Binary! Then again, it's yellow, I liked it by colour default, but the extra sparkle in it make it one of my new yellow favourites. I like it even more than Unicorn!

  8. I loved Binary because it's like a greenish yellow but with pink shimmer and sparkles, it's so different!

    Pulsar is a favorite because I only have like three oranges (the rest are more coppery) and it makes my eyes lean more blue. The blue and green sparkles are great, too!

    Dark Matter is like old brass, almost, that tarnished gold, and the blue and holo sparkles are gorgeous! I always get compliments when I wear it!

  9. Om nom nom this is pretty and like...feminine? Idk but it's pretty XD I like that it's silver and brown and noms!

  10. So pretty! I love Azimuth and Heliosphere.