Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Diary

May 11/2010

I am very upset right now. Apparently speaking your feelings may cause you trouble and people will threaten to take you away unless you bottle your emotions up and delete your opinions.

I was all fine and happy and neutral in sparkle land but something not right has happened and I no longer feel able to express my feelings truthfully, for fear of having you taken away from me, dear Diary.

Others have been bullied this way and told they must censor themselves or they will be reported to have their diaries taken away.

Nevermind that because of these wonderful little pieces of shimmery sunshine, the force behind the threats probably had business drummed up from it in the first place.

But I mustn't say more, must not name names. I can only say I feel disgusted, and I hope the other diaries out there get to stay with their owners and not get ripped out of their hands.

Until next time, dear Diary,



  1. The whole situation made me pretty darn upset when I found out. I decided that I wasn't going to blog about it anyway, not so much because of the drama but because I was really just so disappointed (to the point of feeling disillusioned with the whole community) I didn't want to write about it.

    But the 'threats' thing has added an extra sour taste to what was already a bad situation.

    I hope everyone gets to keep their blogs and I wish everyone could share their opinions without worry.

  2. Tis all here> http://frescophyrra.blogspot.com/2010/05/some-unfortunate-news.html

  3. I'm so sick and bloody tired of scandalous makeup drama queens trying to sensor peoples' opinions. If someone doesn't like your opinion, that's their problem.

  4. Yep, got the same e-mail. Had to remove the post. Also thinking about getting my own domain so the b*tches can suck it.

    No one can has my blog.

  5. I know Ashley, it's getting frikkin nuts. It doesn't help that there's a site out there that actually encourages people to rag on companies! :/

    hahahahah Saila you are too cute! :D I picture you carrying it under your arm slapping people who get to close lol

  6. hehehe! Isn't it too bad that we live in a "free" country with "free" speech and we're not allowed to speak our minds via OUR OWN blogs? Weird. I'm trying to stay out of the drama...it makes my head want to explode...

  7. I keep waffling: do I post my thoughts in someone's comment section (which does that blogger no favors, esp. considering the latest round of suckage) or do I remain silent?

    I think I will remain silent.

    I heard once that Women's Wear Daily did not post negative reviews of fashion collections they thought were poor. They simply did not review them.

    Thus, everyone who "cared" about such things knew how to interpret the deafening silence if a designer showed his/her collection and WWD published nary a word.

    Jus' Sayin'.

    I hate that this is happening you, FP, Saila, etc. :( :( :(

  8. TO be honest i wasn't too fussed about it before. I thought it was bad but didn't know enough about it on either side to make a proper decision about it.
    Now... well i'm disgusted.
    And i shall be blogging about it now!

  9. Hee hee! Lillian! I will be eagerly awaiting your thoughts on the issue.

    :waves: :) Kate

  10. I haven't blogged about anything. Mainly because I don't know what to say. I do have some strong feelings as well as mixed feelings but I'm really unhappy that things like this keep coming about.
    I'm just going to keep doing what I do on my blog and cheer you ladies on for what you do on yours. I believe you should be able to write about whatever you want, to a point of course. Being threatened is just not necessary. I hope nobody loses their blogs over this. I would be pissed!